Why did Google Web Designer start

Google Web Designer now also for Linux

Google has now released its Google Web Designer software, which was first presented in October 2013 and is still in the beta phase, for Linux. The distributions Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSuse are currently supported. Arch Linux has now created its own package.

The support for Linux in the new version is not mentioned in the brief release note. In addition to Mac OS X and Windows, the free operating system is now also mentioned on the product page.

Google Web Designer is a WYSIWYG editor that makes full use of the new capabilities of HTML5 and JavaScript. The free tool, which is optimized for creating advertising, but can also be used for normal website creation, includes illustration tools, design and source code view, 3D and animation support and is able to create websites and advertisements Create that scale on different displays from desktops to tablets and smartphones.

Google offers extensive documentation and suggestions for creative work with the web designer on its website. The download page offers packages for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. A startup error on computers with a language setting other than English has already become known. To remedy this, the corresponding file must be opened in a console by executing rm -r ~ / .local / share / google-web-designer deleted and the Web Designer then with LANGUAGE = en_US google-webdesigner restarted.

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