Forgotten memories of trauma can reappear

Some think they're crazy ...

One is the memory of thinking, also called explicit or cognitive memory. In this system we memorize names and dates, facts and the sequence of events. This memory system is mainly trained in school. The second memory system is the memory of experience, the memory of the senses and the body. It will also be implicit or memory Body memory (after body = experience) called.

This becomes understandable using the example of your own wedding: You probably remember the date of the marriage, the place of the wedding and know where the wedding was celebrated. Maybe you can also name the groomsmen and some of the guests. Few of them will have remembered what clothes the guests wore and in what order they arrived. The essential facts, data and numbers are stored in cognitive memory.

But the personal memories go beyond that: How you felt when you said yes, you have certainly remembered as well as the smile of the woman or the man, the atmosphere of the festival, the scent of the flowers, the Music, dancing ... moods, experiences, sensations and feelings preserve the memory of the experience - that Body memory - on.

Body memory is usually deeper and more lasting than cognitive memory. The feeling at the wedding will be remembered, even if you have forgotten the date of the wedding day. You don't have to know exactly what date you held your child or grandchild happily in your arms - but you will almost certainly remember how proud and happy you were.