What is the country code for Poland?

Calls in Poland

If you want to make long distance calls within Poland, dial the appropriate area code, followed by the phone number. If you do not have a telephone flat rate, you can use a so-called preselect provider. To do this, simply dial the provider's number in front of the area code. You can find tariffs from preselect providers on the Internet.

The Polish area codes are:

12 - Krakow
22 - Warsaw
32 - Katowice
42 - Lodz
48 - Radome
52 - Bydgoszcz
56 - Torun
58 - Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot
61 - Poznan
81 - Lublin
85 - Bialystok
89 - Olsztyn

International talks

To save money on international calls, use free services like Skype. Since broadband internet is widespread in Poland, you shouldn't have any problems using such programs.

Many providers now also have tariffs for international calls. These can often be booked as an additional option to your contract. They are particularly suitable for emigrants to keep in touch with family and friends in their home country.

For short stays in Poland, we recommend international calling cards. You can either order these online before you start your journey or buy them on site. In most cases, calling cards are loaded with a certain amount of credit that can be used for calls. They can often only be used for a specific country or region.

Emergency numbers

The emergency number for the entire EU is 112. It should only be used in real emergencies. The staff at the emergency call center speak Polish as well as English. The number is free of charge. In addition, you can be located by the emergency call center within a very short time, regardless of whether you are calling from a landline or a mobile phone.

It can happen that 112 is temporarily unavailable in Poland. Therefore, you should definitely know the direct emergency numbers for the police, ambulance service and fire brigade. These are:

999 - ambulance
998 - Fire brigade / rescue service
997 - police

Other emergency numbers are:

0601-100-300 - Mountain Rescue
991 - emergency number for faults in the power supply
992 - emergency number in the event of gas leaks
9656 - Technical emergency service (only in Warsaw)

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