Why are my parents not the best

Why parents shouldn't be their child's best friends

Children and young people urgently need the attention and attention of their parents for their development. The experts agree on this, and of course parents know that too. However, it is less clear to many that children are just as urgentdelimited Parents need. This does not meanthat parents should distance themselves emotionally or mentally,but that they are in contact with their children alikefacing and with yourself should stay. This is sometimes a difficult balancing act. The more mature and self-confident parents are, the easier it is for them to adopt this attitude towards their children.

In the parent-child relationship there is equality, but no equality

It is of course desirable that you take your child seriously and involve them in important decisions. But that does not mean that it can have an equal say. First, of course, they have less life experience than you, and second, they cannot foresee the consequences of certain decisions. So the best way to treat your child equally is to take them seriously with their opinions and experiences, but at the same time take into account that they still need a certain protection and a little bit of support that you as an adult can offer. The more independent your child becomes, the more you can move out of this position.

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