What makes a book successful

How the bestseller list is created!

Many people use the current bestseller lists as a guide when buying a book. These lists serve the buyers as an orientation aid in order to avoid an alleged bad buy. But what does the bestseller list actually say? And how does it come about? Most don't know that the lists don't always tell the truth.

Writers long for a place in the coveted rankings,because nothing catapults your reputation and success up faster. Entry into the bestseller lists is the best advertising that can flourish as an author. There is not a single list to be conquered. In addition to the well-known Spiegel bestseller list, there are also many more.

The basis of the data collection is the scanning of the barcode at the checkout. It is an electronic query in the inventory control systems. This is how every title sold is counted. The Börsenblatt, the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK) and the creators of the Spiegel list work with samples from different pools. So it happens that the bestseller lists differ significantly from each other.

Amazon, for example, supplies GfK and Media Control with data. However, these work with different sales data. The Spiegel list is the most popular bestseller list in Germany. A mirror bestseller doesn't need any further explanation.The term is associated with the highest quality and success that even goes beyond the book industry. A non-fiction bestseller or fiction bestseller is pushed again significantly by the Spiegel list.

The widest database is supposed to accommodate Media Control.These fall back on the basis of over 4200 sales outlets. This includes bookstores, online shops, department stores, train station bookshops and drugstores with a corresponding range. However, the fact that there are far more than 5,000 bookstores explains the inaccuracy of the various bestseller lists.

The publishers and bar stockists use the bestseller lists to use the forecasts of how many books will have to be delivered.Retailers use the lists to organize the chaos of new releases and customers orientate themselves when making a purchase decision. In addition, the bestseller lists are an absolute booster. Anyone who is at the top of a bestseller list is visible to anyone interested in a book. Most bookshops, for example, focus on non-fiction bestsellers.