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9 inspirational quotes about customer satisfaction

A company cannot survive without customers. This simple fact alone should convince everyone of the importance of good customer service. Perhaps you see it completely differently - after a day of constant customer contact, during which there was often a lack of respect for you. That's when you need a dose of inspiration, a reminder of the importance of your job.

Many great thinkers have pondered the nature of customer service and expressed their thoughts in elegant language. Here are 9 quotes about customer service that have impressed us for years and give you a boost for the next customer meeting.

The customer's perception is your reality.

Kate Zabriskie

Business trainer Kate Zabriskie teaches us the importance of having the right attitude in customer service. Here the customer is a source of knowledge that tells you a lot about your company. So response is not a problem that needs to be solved, but an invitation to get better.

Your most dissatisfied customers are your best source of learning.

Bill Gates

No wonder this man is so smart. Just like Zabriskie, Microsoft founder Bill Gates sees customers first as a provider of tips on how to grow as a company. Specifically, he suggests a positive interpretation of the dissatisfied customer.

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In other words, the next time you fail to make a customer happy, find out what went wrong - instead of banging your head on the desk. Then do it better with the next customer.

Loyal customers don't just come back, they don't just recommend you; they insist that their friends do business with you too.

Chip Bell

You are sure to have been hit by a great film or a fantastic music album. Then you also know the need to tell friends about it and share the experience. A customer you've convinced to come back will ideally generate new leads. You understand the principle. Enthusiastic customers go out and advertise your company for you - free .

There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.

Roger Staubach

Roger Staubach was a professional football player, one of the best ever, and after his career he made a name for himself as an entrepreneur. We love his quote for two reasons: It doesn't just motivate us to take an extra step, to exceed what is expected or seemingly sufficient. It also reminds us of the value of good advice, especially that of our customers.

Your customers don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Damon Richards

A tricky quote at first glance, but one that is worth reading out loud and pinning on the wall. It is a powerful reminder to keep things simple. And not to brag about specialist knowledge on the subject before you have even shown your appreciation to the customers who are looking for help. The term “customer service” says it all: first the customer, then the service.

Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into play. Service wins the game.

Tony Allesandra

An important quote, and - in times of increasingly uniform pricing in the global market - a very topical one. You don't have to undercut your competition in price, you probably can't. Instead, customer service is next to product quality the decisive adjustment screw to stand out in the market.

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Good customer service is cheaper than bad customer service.

Sally Gronow

This simple "equation" is mostly attributed to Sally Gronow. Sometimes a memorable quote is no more than common sense, just right to the point. This quote seems so obvious because it is so true. The myth that customer service is just an insignificant expense persists and still haunts ignorant decision-makers. If you look at how many companies neglect their service department, it becomes clear that the myth is still under its spell.

A customer is the most important visitor to our company. He doesn't depend on us. We depend on him. It does not interrupt our work, it is the goal and purpose of our work. He is not an outsider in our work. He's part of it. We're not doing him a favor by taking care of him. He's doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so.

Mahatma Gandhi

To be honest, I was also amazed to see Gandhi's name under this quote. In everything he's accomplished, he never seemed like the classic business guru to me. The words were also used by other greats such as L.L. Attributed to Bean, Ray Noyes, Paul T. Babson, Kenneth B. Elliott, and the Great Western Fuel Company. But no matter who they come from, they are brilliant. Not as short and memorable as the rest, but as comprehensive and clever as it gets.

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