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German Association of Coaching

professional association

The DFC was launched in 2009 as professional association founded, in which an intensive exchange takes place in about 30 regional groups on specialist topics, further training and further development as well as ethics. Since the DFC no professional association is, he doesn't care too much about marketing, economic positioning and professional representation of coaches. He is an association according to § 54 of the BGB and does not have an account and has no money.

Trained coaches

In spring 2021 the association will have over 750 members. Most of them have completed a coaching course of 150 hours (and a duration of approx. 12-18 months) and work as coaches. We also recommend our members membership in another coaching association if they want to pursue a "coaching policy", want a professional association or want to network more broadly.

Working worldwide

The DFC is a trade association and not a professional association. There is another special feature: instead of paying money into an association fund, around 750 members voluntarily decided to support development aid instead. Over 400,000 euros have already flowed into development aid projects. In addition, DFC members also volunteer their coaching skills in regional projects.

What is coaching about? What is coaching?

Coaching is a modern form of accompaniment and support in which a client is his own expert. A coach promotes the client's self-competence through questions that increase the ability to reflect and enable the client to change their perspective in thinking, feeling and acting. This increases the chance that clients can examine their options on their own, break new ground and change their actions in such a way that they can live more fulfilling, happier or more successful lives. Coaches essentially do not use any "tools" (in spite of the tool books that seem to be so popular), but rather promote the activation of self-competence on the part of the client through their attitude and the form of the encounter. Coaching is therefore a form of encounter and an expression of an attitude that the other person accepts and values ​​their resources. Even in the event of problems, encrypted messages can be recognized and made usable via a system. Coaching is a trusting, partnership-based, hierarchy-free collaboration between a healthy client and a coach (so it is not psychotherapy).
There are experts who believe that coaching is only used in business or when accompanied by managers. We believe that the form of encounter coaching also makes sense in the "private" area. In addition, in a world without borders there is actually no separation of work and life (we find life blending today) and the separation of functions in leadership and non-leadership (above / below?) Is a non-systemic view of the interplay in organizations. People are people and they want to live fulfilled, valuable, meaningful and (in this sense) successfully. Coaching can accompany and support this endeavor. The DFC has not poured in cement what coaching is and how coaching is done. But we're at least very relaxed here. The ideas about this are always in flux and we are constantly discussing them in our peer groups and at our conventions. Take a look at our ethics.
In books and on websites you can find additional - often completely different - definitions ...
The members of the DFC don't pay a single cent to the association! Instead, many have agreed to help where there is real poverty and hunger, in development aid. So far, around 400,000 euros have been raised, currently around 90,000 euros annually (2020), which are used directly for emergency aid and development aid projects. The DFC itself is absolutely penniless. When we organize coaching congresses (we call them convents), all of our surpluses have been used for development aid since 2009.

Forum value orientation FWW

As an association, the DFC is a member of the "Forum Value Orientation in Continuing Education e.V." (FWW). The FWW is an umbrella organization for method and network associations in further education, which commit themselves to a jointly developed professional code and thus advocate high ethical standards in further education, coaching and training. This is about lived values ​​in the associations. Information is available from the FWW

Regional work: peer groups

The DFC maintains around 30 voluntary regional working groups (peer groups) in Germany and Switzerland. Workshops, intervisions and professional exchange, further qualification and quality assurance take place here on an equal footing. Working on values ​​is also very important to us in the groups. Coaches - whether beginners or advanced - can find networks here and develop continuously. These are the groups

The miracle of not knowing

If you think you know the solution to your client's concern, take an aspirin, crouch in the next corner, and wait for the seizure to pass.