Is there a heading in the diary entry

Write a diary

Surely you have all written a diary ...
Many perceive the diary as a friend who listens to you and to whom you can entrust everything. Not only can you get rid of your problems there, but it is also a memento of everything you have done or experienced.

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Writing a diary is a productive task

In German lessons, writing a diary entry is used to get into the thoughts of a figure from a literary text to put into it. You can feel, think and write from the point of view of the figure.

You become a bit of a writer yourself and use his character to convey thoughts that are not expressed in the text itself.

Write the journal entry

This is an important requirement for your diary entry intensive reading of the underlying text. You need to know exactly what your character is feeling and thinking in order to write the journal entry.

The following checklist will help you:

  • Did you briefly introduce the situation your character is writing about?
  • Did you write how the character perceived and evaluated the experience?
  • Do the thoughts and feelings of the character match the content of the text?
  • At the end, did you let the character express a hope or fear about the experience?
  • Did you relate the plot in your own words?
  • Did you write in the first person?
  • Did you use the present tense when writing about the present; did you use a tense of the past when you want to relate the past?

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A writing plan for a journal entry

Before writing the diary entry, you should create a writing plan with all the important information.

  • Interpretation hypothesis for the text excerpt
  • Perspective of the chosen figure
  • Tense: alternation between the past tense and present tense
  • content-related aspects

  • momentary feeling
  • Conclusion / outlook
  • Writing style: e.g. B. emotional

  • Justification / reflection

Assess a journal entry

In addition to writing a diary entry, it may also be your job to evaluate a pre-made diary entry.

You can do this with the help of the following criteria:

  • Does the diary entry lead to a better understanding of the source text?
  • Is the interpretation of the figure and events clearly shown in the source text?
  • Is the diary entry text type convincing in terms of structure and style?
  • Is the text well formulated and linguistically correct?