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Welcome to our Crossbow Shop. Sports shooters can buy high-quality crossbows here. But we also offer inexpensive crossbows for hobbies and leisure. You will find a large selection of well-known manufacturers in our online shop. You can buy your desired crossbow from Armcross, Barnett & Barnett, Horton, Megaline, PSE or Umarex. We carry recurve crossbows, medieval crossbows, compound crossbows, pistol crossbows and crossbow sets. Here you can find the best crossbow shooting sports, competition and leisure. You can conveniently order your crossbow online or buy it in a branch. A popular compound crossbow with an excellent price-performance ratio is the model "Yustar 175 Set Compound-Crossbow", which is supplied with 4 arrows, transport bag, quiver and telescopic sight. You can conveniently order on account or pay in installments. In addition, you will find a wide range of accessories at Frankonia. We hope you enjoy browsing our crossbow and recreational weapons shop - Your Hunting & Shooting Online Shop

The history of the crossbow

The crossbow is a bow-like firearm. It consists of an arch that is mounted on a holding device. In contrast to a bow, the tension of the tendon can be stored without additional muscle power. This enables a calmer aiming. A crossbow can also generate more shot energy and transfer it to the projectile. Arrows, balls or bolts made of different materials can be fired. The arrows have to be rather short and stable in order to be able to absorb the shot energy optimally. The early medieval crossbows were made of steel and wood. Later, more complex constructions with more draw weight and higher arrow speeds were invented, such as the crossbow with a composite bow. Crossbows with high precision, range and penetration power were used by snipers (snipers). The modern sports crossbows and hunting crossbows are made of high-quality plastics and light metals and are relatively robust against the effects of the weather. The recurve bow or compound bow with its pulley system made very powerful crossbows possible. Today the crossbow is also used in sport shooting in competition. With the Sports crossbow is usually shot at cardboard targets, which are known from air rifle targets. With the Field crossbow is usually shot at 35, 50 or 65 meters. What is the legal situation for buying crossbows? The crossbow is a firearm. For this reason, certain rules apply to the acquisition, carrying, shooting and storage that must be observed. See the current weapons law.

In the Frankonia Crossbow Shop you will find an excellent range of crossbows: sport crossbows, compound crossbows, rifle crossbows, pistol crossbows (mini crossbows), hunting crossbows and crossbow sets. In the online shop you will find top brands and you can order an inexpensive crossbow pistol from Umarex, as well as a high-quality rifle crossbow, e.g. from Megaline. To what extent a hunting crossbow may be used for hunting in Germany, please note the current federal hunting law in connection with the respective state hunting law. Are you interested in a bow? Then we have the popular "RallyTM Compound Bow" bow set from PSE, which is perfect for beginners and ambitious archers.