Why isn't Hulu free anymore

Hulu: So you can watch the US streaming service in Germany in 2021


The US streaming service Hulu will not appear in Germany, instead we will get Disney + Star. Netzwelt reveals how you can still see Hulu in 2021.

For a long time, German series fans waited impatiently for Hulu to launch in Germany. The US streaming service has long been a fixture in the US, in this country various services have secured the rights to Hulu's own productions such as "The Handmaid's Tale" or "High Fidelity".

With the acquisition of Fox, a large part of Hulu is now owned by Disney, which is why the service is offered in the US as a bundle with Disney + and ESPN +. The first plans, according to which Hulu should come to Germany in 2021, were rejected again. Instead, Star will be added to Disney + in this country. This gives a lot of Hulu content a new German home.

Initially, this only applies to films and series that belong to Disney and whose rights have not yet been granted elsewhere in Germany. In the USA, the Hulu offer is much more extensive than is the case with Disney + Star.

If you want to use Hulu from Germany, that is quite possible. With a little trick you can create a Hulu account and bypass the country lock. Netzwelt reveals exactly what you have to do.

  1. Hulu - only with VPN!
  2. Payment via detours
  3. Hulu in the browser and as an app

Hulu - only with VPN!

In order to be able to use Hulu in Germany, you need a working VPN service. You can use it to show Hulu that you are in the USA. This is a requirement to be able to watch streams from Hulu, because without a VPN the streaming service does not grant you access.

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Payment via detours

Now it's getting more complicated! Although you can reach the Hulu site through the VPN, you now have to take out a subscription. Although some subscription models can be tested free of charge for 30 days at Hulu, Hulu requires you to save a payment method.

Here, however, Hulu only allows a US credit card or a US PayPal account. As a rule, German users do not have either at hand, but that can be changed. On the one hand, you can get a virtual US credit card online, but this is often associated with additional monthly costs.

Alternatively, you can create a US account with PayPal. No German bank accounts are allowed, but a German credit card was accepted in our test. However, you need a US mobile number and a US address for a new account.

If you have friends or relatives in the US, you can simply give their address (if they set up the whole Hulu account for you, this is of course even easier). On the other hand, PayPal is also happy with any other US address, although you should not enter any incorrect information here.

You can easily find a US cell phone number on the Internet. There are free services or providers with trial subscriptions that will assign you a number with which you can receive SMS. This is also important because while PayPal only needs the US address for its internal database, the cell phone number is used to confirm your identity. So you cannot enter any number here!

As soon as you have confirmed your identity with the number, entered a US address and deposited a credit card, you can use your US PayPal account as a payment method with Hulu.

Hulu in the browser and as an app

You can easily see Hulu via the browser. There is also an app for Android devices, iPhones, Smart TVs and Fire sticks, but not from the German app providers. If you do not have access to US apps, for example through a US AppStore account, you can download the respective app version online as an APK.

Caution is advised here because the APK can theoretically contain malware. In most cases, however, the file can be easily installed on the desired device thanks to sideloading. Here, too, the same applies everywhere: A VPN service has to run all the time!

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