The rooster tastes like chicken

Are Roast Chickens Really Chicken?


I wonder if the products that are usually offered as roasted chicken aren't actually chicken after all. It is well known that male chicks are shredded because they are less suitable for meat breeding than female chicks.


Roast chickens can be both male and female.

The legal terms do not differentiate according to gender, but according to age: Als chicken are generally the young animals of the domestic fowl (Gállus domésticus) of both sexes. You must have a still flexible (not ossified) sternum process, which is due to a young age and a short period of fattening. In contrast, is a Soup chicken older and has an ossified sternum extension. Very young chickens with a slaughter weight of 650 grams or less will be than House chicks designated.

The designation roast Chicken has historical reasons. In the past, females were used to lay eggs, the males were slaughtered and grilled or fried - hence the name. Today meat and laying breeds are separated in chickens. Laying breeds put on less meat and are usually not suitable for fattening.

The shredding of male chicks is common among laying breeds, as male chicks cannot lay eggs later and there is therefore no economic use for the male chicks.