I have my MVP now

CAMAOs Dirk Schäfauer receives the Sitecore MVP Award in the Technology area

At CAMAO, we've been working with Sitecore for a long time. And that's why we have a lot of developers who are really familiar with Sitecore. Dirk Schäfauer is one of them and has always gone the extra mile for both our customers and the Sitecore community. That is why we are proud to announce the following today: Dirk Schäfauer has been recognized by Sitecore as one of 170 Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) of the year 2021 in the field of technology. This personal award for one of our long-term employees and Sitecore experts is proof of how extensive his knowledge of Sitecore, the world's leading software for digital experience management, is.

He not only brought this knowledge to CAMAO in 2020. The Sitecore Community, Stackexchange, Slack ... Wherever there was a passionate discussion about Sitecore, Dirk was (most likely) there, helping with problems - and obviously you can rely on Dirk's help. So much so that in 2020 he stood out from over 12,000 certified Sitecore developers.

But before we choke on our own licorice sawdust, let's first let the MVP have their say.

Dirk, how do you feel as a new Sitecore MVP in Technology?

A long cherished dream comes true! I worked for a full 5 years, investing a lot of free time to be active for the Sitecore community. In the 5th year it finally worked. In my Sitecore career, I've achieved everything you can achieve, got all the certifications you can get. However, this MVP title cannot be obtained via a “learning platform”. It is awarded by the community or Sitecore.

What are you looking forward to the most in your MVP year?

Good question! First I have to see what is in store for me and which "secret" doors are now opening. 😊 What I already know is that MVPs get an insight into Sitecore releases sooner. This means that we can influence the product itself earlier. Of course, I'm not allowed to rest on the title! The title is reassigned every year, so stay tuned.

One year of MVP also means one year of intensive contact with the Sitecore team. Which topic or feature would you particularly like to discuss with Sitecore?

I've developed my own module and I also think it's good enough to become part of the official product. In principle, however, I would like to exchange ideas with Sitecore about my favorite topics, such as EXM (Email Experience Manager) or Marketing Automation. I also see Sitecore Forms as an exciting topic, especially with regard to accessibility. With our project for Mainzer Stadtwerke, we at CAMAO are already very well positioned in this regard. We have rebuilt the entire Forms backend and are of course happy to pass on these findings.

Are you going to retire in 2022 or are you now even more eager to further strengthen your commitment to Sitecore?

I'll answer that with a quote from Philip Rosenthal: “Whoever stops getting better has stopped being good.” As I said, the title is awarded annually. So there is no time to rest now. My module has to be made compatible with the current Sitecore versions and maybe I'll develop one or the other module to make the product better. Resting is out of the question ... 😉

From highlight to highlight with Sitecore

Jean-Pierre Erdas, member of the management, is also delighted for Dirk and all of CAMAO about the award:

I think that as a company you can't emphasize enough how lucky it is to have incredibly committed employees like Dirk. I am not only personally happy about this individual award for Dirk. Of course, I'm also excited to see how we can use the benefits of the MVP program to further improve our Sitecore service. Deeper insights into the product as well as upcoming updates and a more intensive connection to the Sitecore team are wonderful prerequisites for adapting the powerful Sitecore platform even better to the needs of our customers.

Tom de Ridder, Chief Technical Offer (CTO) of Sitecore, emphasized in his statement on the presentation of the Sitecore MVP Awards the special conditions under which the MVPs of 2021 excelled:

The Sitecore MVPs of 2021 are outstanding individuals who have demonstrated their dedication to the Sitecore community even in a challenging year. The 284 MVPs mastered the challenge of making significant contributions to the Sitecore community exclusively via virtual channels. We are extremely excited to be able to honor this group of people in the 15th edition of our MVP Award.

We can only agree with that too. All in all, another great moment for our Sitecore photo album. With the Gold Partnership, a Sitecore Experience Award and many great projects, we have been able to add some new pages lately. And there is still space! If you also want to benefit from Dirk's - and our - Sitecore knowledge: get in touch! Just write an email to [email protected]