Why people like to get married

Pros and cons: is marriage still appropriate?

Pros and cons: is marriage still appropriate?

The number of weddings has decreased over the past 50 years. Is marriage still in fashion? Why should you get married? And why not?

For many couples, the wedding day is the most beautiful in life. But compared to 50 years ago, the number of marriages has decreased significantly. It used to be especially important for women to get under the hood in order to have a legal status at all. Nowadays it is no longer necessary.

Nevertheless, a church or civil marriage is still a proof of love for many; Take center stage once and show the whole world that you want to spend your whole life with your partner. Other couples, on the other hand, see no need to plan a wedding and to say yes in front of the pastor and registrar.

Love or just pressure?

It is up to you whether you marry or not. For some, it is the pressures in marriage that keep them from getting married. It can arise in the subconscious and ensure that married couples get divorced. Or it is the well-known marriage penalty that has financial disadvantages in the marriage. Proponents of marriage rely on the desire for an everlasting covenant and on the common surname, which connects couples even more.

Wedding photos in trend

In the past there was usually only one wedding photo: of the bride and groom, together with their guests. Today the wedding photos have gained in importance. Newlyweds are happy to post their wedding photos together on Instagram and Facebook. The trend towards wedding videography has also emerged: More and more newlyweds want to capture their ceremony and the wedding party on film. The pursuit of such memories could be another reason couples get married.

A wedding fair will take place next weekend in Schloss Wartensee, Rorschacherberg. For all those who are planning the most beautiful day in their life, the castle offers the right ambience. Wedding fairs, and thus marriages, seem to be still relevant for some. (lam)


The dream in white - without looking black

For many, the wedding, often referred to as the most beautiful day in life, is still a traditional celebration, a token of love and the bond for life. The couple is secure, the bond between the two is strong and financially speaking, a wedding is worthwhile.

Through the wedding, the relationship between two people gains stability, security and continuity. A connection is created from which one cannot easily break out again. As a result, the couple feels more connected and almost only appears in pairs. For example, the spouses submit a joint tax return or they take care of the housework together. Another advantage of marriage is that a residence permit is issued for binational couples. Also, the process of adoption is easier in marriage than in a relationship. According to studies, married people live longer and more satisfied and suffer less from depression or drug addiction.

I find alternatives to husbands or wives such as “life partner”, or even worse “life partner”, ugly. The fact that you only refer to your partner as a “part of your life” doesn't exactly flatter the relationship. Marriage is the way to avoid these terms. When they arrive at the port of marriage, the bride and groom usually have a common surname, which ties them together even more.

Incidentally, marriage also has financial advantages. In the event of death, the widow (r) is entitled to the survivor's pension and inheritance. In addition, the gift and inheritance tax for married couples has either been massively reduced or even completely eliminated, depending on the canton. At the party after the wedding, the couple is showered with wedding gifts. So getting married literally pays off.

Choosing the wedding cake, sending out invitations, putting the ring on your finger and throwing the bridal bouquet: All these rites can only be experienced by those who decide in favor of the bond of marriage. And the best thing about the wedding: Married couples promise each other eternal loyalty and always stand by one another, in good times as in bad, in health and illness.


Church pomp, kitsch and costs ... it doesn't have to be

Marriage as the only socially accepted form for two people to grow old together has fluctuated for a long time. Getting married is no longer a must, and certainly not in the traditional way. Luckily!

There is all the stress. A marriage is a real big event, the planning of which can be stressful for the spouses-to-be. Is this huge effort, the organization and all the appointments worthwhile for this one day that you can only enjoy to a limited extent because you are constantly in the center and hardly come to rest? In addition, there are a number of tedious decisions that can lead to arguments and discussions: Who takes whose name? Who do you invite? Who only comes to the aperitif? Who for the feast? Who is sitting next to whom? And as if that weren't enough, there is also the threat of trouble with relatives and acquaintances, who all have their ideas about a wedding ceremony and want to contribute their opinion.

Bringing up money when it comes to love may be frowned upon, but when it comes to getting married, it is inevitable. Anyone who gets married in the classic sense, i.e. says `` I do '' in church and celebrates with pomp and guests, reaches deep into their wallets. Such a celebration can easily cost over ten thousand francs. And things really get going after the wedding party. After all, it still exists, the marriage penalty. For certain married couples there is still a tax disadvantage. That can cost several thousand francs every year.

It becomes very expensive and terribly complicated if the marriage should, for whatever reason, break up. According to statistics, this happens in every second case in Switzerland (2010). Not only is divorce a chore, it also costs at least one of the spouses a fair amount of money. It gets more exhausting and even more expensive when the whole thing ends in a legal dispute.

Isn't all that money and time better invested elsewhere, for example in a shared hobby? Those who love each other can, instead of in front of the registrar, the pastor and dozens of spectators, say “yes” to each other in private and without formalities. Every day. For a lifetime. Without marriage.