What is simple bending

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For a simple bend, open the vice a little and place the sheet metal strip on it. With a hammer, the list side of which has been rounded off, you knock the sheet metal exactly between the two jaws. By permanently moving the sheet metal strip, an even rounding can be created.

When working with sheet metal, you need some basics for the various processing options. One of them is bending. You can bend sheet metal according to just one axis, or in 2 different axes. But you need some experience for successful shapes.

simple bendingThis machining is basically simple. The sheet metal is only bent in one direction. With a little skill, this work can be done quickly.

Double bending With double bending, a spherical curvature is added to the sheet metal. To do this, however, the sheet metal must stretch or compress. This is like a sheet of paper. It also cannot be arched without creating a kink. That's why you have to stretch the sheet slowly.

There are two possibilities. Either you put the sheet metal on a soft surface and tap it with a round hammer (metal, wood or rubber) until the sheet metal deforms. The softer the surface, the stronger the curvature can be achieved, or you can clamp a hammer with a round head in a vice and work the sheet metal there.