Are you inferior

Overcoming inferiority complexes

Where do inferiority complexes come from?

As is so often the case, the cause of inferiority complexes lies buried in childhood. As children we are not as good at many things as older siblings or parents. Clearly, children feel inferior in some situations. But that also serves as an incentive to learn the things that others can already do.

However, if you are constantly being told as a child “You can't do this”, “You're doing it wrong” or “You will never learn”, this is imprinted on the subconscious. The more you are belittled from the outside, the more you begin to believe it yourself. Insults are the best basis for inferiority complexes. They can only occur in adulthood, for example after a separation or after losing a job. A new phase of life such as puberty or a midlife crisis can also be to blame for the fact that you suddenly feel inferior.

What can I do about inferiority complexes?

In certain situations, everyone has the feeling that they are not good enough. This is completely normal because nobody is perfect. However, if you do not find any strengths in yourself and the complexes only make yourself smaller, the following tips can help you to gain more self-confidence:

1. Recognize your strengths

Corners, edges and flaws belong to everyone and make up a large part of your personality. That is by no means a reason to be ashamed or unsettled about it. Because in addition to these weaknesses, you also have a lot of strengths that are much more valuable than the few small quirks. So go inside yourself and consider: What am I particularly good at? What is it that defines me as a person? What have I achieved so far? Which crises have I already mastered? What qualities do friends and family value in me? Make a note of everything on a piece of paper, including every little detail such as “I have graduated from school” or “I have a hobby that I enjoy”. You will be surprised how long the list of your strengths is, and you can keep adding to it!

2. Accept your weaknesses

As I said, nobody is perfect and everyone has their flaws. But that's completely ok! Therefore learn to accept and love your weaknesses. Over time, you can even turn your weaknesses into strengths. Because once you have recognized and analyzed it, you can work on it.

3. Strengthen your self-esteem

When you have clearly defined your strengths and weaknesses, the time has come to build your self-esteem. It may only be an outward appearance, but it helps you to appear more confident in public: Value your appearance, because with a well-groomed appearance you show your fellow human beings that you are worth something to yourself. With pretty clothes and a new hairstyle, you will automatically feel more valuable. Then it will be easier for you to stand up for yourself and your wishes and break out of the role of victim. Treat yourself more lovingly, because you are often the person who needs to be convinced of your worth. Other people around you have probably already known this for a long time.

4. Jump over your own shadow

So far you have never dared to do anything, always thought you couldn't? Then prove yourself wrong! Because you cannot do more than fail. If that is the case, you have learned something again and can do better next time. But in most cases you will find that all your fears were superfluous and you can do a lot if you want to!

5. Visualize your goals

Your inferiority complexes keep you from taking the first step. This will prevent you from reaching your goals before you set off. But if you want to climb the mountain, you shouldn't look back down. So imagine what it will be like when you reach your goal. With this goal in mind, it will be easier for you to go step by step. Do you have the feeling that you don't have any goals at the moment? Then this article can help you with the question: What is actually my purpose? help.

6. Think positive

Often times, negative beliefs drag us down. It is important to recognize this and transform it into a positive. Instead of “I can't do it” it now says “I can do it!”, Instead of “I'm worth nothing” it now says “I am worth a lot!”. You think now: "It doesn't make sense and I can't do it"? Oh but! That makes sense and you can very well! It may take some time to internalize the positive beliefs and suppress the negative ones, but it works!

7. Focus on yourself

On the way to more self-confidence, you should focus entirely on yourself. What do you want and what can you do? Do not let others dissuade you from your path. Rather seek the company of people who support you. Gaining confidence in yourself doesn't happen in a day, but it's incredibly rewarding. If you find it difficult to come to terms with yourself, relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga can help.

Be patient with yourself because inferiority complexes don't go away overnight. But don't let them stop you from taking your life into your own hands from now on and breaking free from the opinions of others. You are worth something and you can show that to the whole world.