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(8.75/9) 1 War in Syria: Army announces ceasefire from midnight

Russia and Turkey have negotiated an agreement between the civil war parties on a ceasefire. It is questionable whether it will last. 2016-12-29 19:33 4KB

(5.39/9) 2 Debbie Reynolds: She played the singing luck

Musical films such as "Singin 'in the Rain" made her famous: Debbie Reynolds died just one day after her daughter, "Star Wars" star Carrie Fisher. 2016-12-29 18:00 4KB

(5.34/9) 3 Suspected acquaintance of Anis Amri released again

For days, information about Anis Amri's escape has been trickling in from Italy, France and the Netherlands. Now the German federal prosecutor's office has also commented on its investigation after the attack on a Berlin Christmas market. 2016-12-29 18:19 6KB

(4.37/9) 4 Berlin assassination attempt: suspect Tunisian is free

The 40-year-old had no contact with the alleged Berlin attacker and IS terrorist Anis Amri. 2016-12-29 18:04 2KB

(4.18/9) 5 Italy: Three Germans die in a fire on a yacht

Dramatic scenes at the port of Loano in Italy: A yacht goes up in flames ... 2016-12-29 18:12 2KB

(3.20/9) 6 New Findings About the Berlin Attack: A Selfie Shortly Before the Act?

Apparently the technology of the truck that the assassin drove from Berlin into the Christmas market prevented even more victims. 2016-12-29 10:42 3KB

(3.12/9) 7 EU Commission allows aid for the Italian crisis bank Monte dei Paschi

The EU Commission allows Italy to help its crisis bank. But there is also a decisive restriction from Brussels. 2016-12-29 19:35 2KB

(3.12/9) 8 Police decision: Cologne AfD demonstration banned on New Year's Eve

For security reasons, the Cologne police have banned an AfD rally that was supposed to take place near the cathedral on New Year's Eve. The AfD had registered a meeting with up to 15 participants. The police had previously banned an NPD demo. 2016-12-29 17:17 1KB

(2.23/9) 9 What Russia, Iran and Turkey are hoping for in Syria

The three powers divide the country into zones of influence. The new peace plan is intended to create order where the US fails. 2016-12-29 19:14 2KB

(2.16/9) 10 Syrian regime and rebels agree on a nationwide ceasefire

From midnight, a ceasefire is to come into force in the entire civil war country. It is guaranteed by Turkey and Russia, it is said from Moscow and Ankara. 2016-12-29 16:32 4KB

(2.13/9) 11 Alpine skiing: Shiffrin achieves the Semmering triple

Mikaela Shiffrin also won the slalom in Semmering after the two giant slalom runs. 2016-12-29 19:22 1KB

(2.10/9) 12 Hacker Attacks: Obama Wants To Punish Moscow, Trump Not

Washington plans to take action against Moscow for alleged interference in the presidential election. 2016-12-29 18:00 4KB

(2.10/9) 13 Greens are demanding quick clarification in the Amri case

What did the authorities know about the alleged bomber in the run-up to the Berlin attack? Should the opposition in the Bundestag not quickly get clear information ... 2016-12-29 15:03 891Bytes

(2.09/9) 14 Attack on an ambulance

The emergency vehicle was on its way to a lung clinic. 200 meters in front, the rear tires suddenly came off! 2016-12-29 16:12 2KB

(2.06/9) 15 Wanted a quick solution

It's about video surveillance in public spaces versus data protection. It is polarized as if there was one right solution. It's about balancing. A comment. 2016-12-29 18:41 2KB

(2.06/9) 16 Berlin Weather: Forward towards drought

Noticeable precipitation and more sun than usual: a meteorologist analyzes the year 2016 and shows what is coming in 2017. 2016-12-29 18:38 3KB

(2.06/9) 17 ADAC: fewer road fatalities in 2016 than ever

Munich (dpa) - The number of traffic fatalities on German roads fell to a low in 2016, according to a forecast by the ADAC. His 2016-12-29 00:00 1KB

(2.06/9) 18 What was your game of the year?

From “Uncharted 4” to “Super Mario Run”: The winners have been determined - now it's about the title of “Game of the Year”. Vote! 2016-12-29 14:23 1KB

(2.06/9) 19 Tourist tax is heating up the minds in Mallorca

Mallorca guests have had to dig deeper into their pockets since July. The regional government describes the introduction of the tourist tax as a success. But many want to tip the tax. 2016-12-29 10:29 5KB

(2.05/9) 20 Hirscher's comeback

The World Cup leader from Austria is further expanding his lead. In the combination in Santa Caterina he comes in second behind Alexis Pinturault. 2016-12-29 18:50 2KB

(2.04/9) 21 Why the season is only just beginning now for Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti has his own style as a coach. He trusts in his wealth of experience. How he wants to do what his predecessor Guardiola failed at FC Bayern. 2016-12-29 11:33 4KB

(1.10/9) 22 Investigations into the Berlin attack: Alleged accomplice Amris is free again

The German authorities have released a 40-year-old Tunisian. 2016-12-29 15:34 1KB

(1.08/9) 23 Norwegian Tande wins qualification - nine DSV jumpers included

With a convincing performance in the qualification, Germany's ski jumpers have raised hopes for a successful start to the 65th Four Hills Tournament. 2016-12-29 18:19 4KB

(1.06/9) 24 Putin announces ceasefire agreement in Syria

Russia wants to enforce a ceasefire in Syria. Whether this succeeds depends on the behavior of the international mercenaries. 2016-12-29 15:33 2KB

(1.04/9) 25 Dobrindt wants to end the "Ösi-Maut-Maulerei"

The German head of the transport department, Alexander Dobrindt, does not have much understanding for the "Ösi-Maut-Maulerei". 2016-12-29 08:00 2KB

(1.03/9) 26 Future US President: Donald Trump's subsidiary government

“There is always only one president,” is a basic rule in Washington. Trump overruled them. Not just in Israel politics. 2016-12-29 19:08 4KB

(1.03/9) 27 Marcel Hirscher: When the boss gets angry

After the failed Super-G in Santa Caterina, an angry Marcel Hirscher tested and tinkered with. In the combination he hit back. 2016-12-29 18:00 3KB

(1.03/9) 28 Google ranking: Trump has to admit defeat to Pokémon Go

Donald Trump couldn't keep up: Pokémon Go was the most searched term on Google in 2016. The future US president only landed third in the ranking. 2016-12-29 14:09 2KB

(1.02/9) 29 motorcyclist dies after overtaking

A motorcyclist crashed into a public bus on a country road in Central Hesse and died. According to the first findings of the police, 2016-12-29 18:58 1KB

(1.02/9) 30 Bowie instead of firecrackers

Sven Ratzke and his plans for the Tollwood New Year's Eve gala 2016-12-29 18:50 1KB

(1.02/9) 31 The need is decisive

Questions and answers about the work of the SZ advent calendar 2016-12-29 18:50 3KB

(1.02/9) 32 Four Hills Tournament: Kraft third in Oberstdorf qualification

With 136 meters, the ex-tour winner only had to give way to Norwegian Daniel Andre Tande (139 m) and Poland's Kamil Stoch (137.5). 2016-12-29 18:35 1KB

(1.02/9) 33 darts fans insult the Leipzig professional Werner

There have never been so many Germans at the Darts World Cup, and the chants have never been so tasteless. In their sights: Leipzig star Timo Werner. 2016-12-29 18:24 1KB

(1.02/9) 34 There is still no trace of Seisenbacher

Since the start of the trial, there has been no sign of life from Olympic champion Peter Seisenbacher. 2016-12-29 18:00 3KB

(1.02/9) 35 New Year's Eve is drowning in fog here

Fog could cloud the fun of firecrackers in many parts of Germany on New Year's Eve. The high "Yörn" is responsible for this. 2016-12-29 17:44 1KB

(1.02/9) 36 Kandersteg: Two alpinists fell to their deaths

When climbing the Morgenhorn above Kandersteg in the canton of Bern, two mountaineers are several hundred meters into the 2016-12-29 17:39 1KB on Wednesday

(1.02/9) 37 Hagenbeck: The great counting in the tropical aquarium

The big annual inventory took place in the tropical aquarium of the Tierpark Hagenbeck on Thursday. In addition to marine animals, reptiles were also measured, weighed and counted. 2016-12-29 17:18 2KB

(1.02/9) 38 dictator ordered more than 340 executions

Hundreds of people have died in recent years under the orders of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. 2016-12-29 17:14 1KB

(1.02/9) 39 Train catches car: Railway barriers are being planned

A young man was killed when a train collided with a car in Süderbrarup. Barriers were already being planned for the level crossing - regardless of the accident. 2016-12-29 14:59 3KB

(1.02/9) 40 Frings sees itself in Darmstadt not only as a savior

Torsten Frings does not see himself exclusively as a savior at bottom of the table Darmstadt 98. "It was important to me to think in perspective and not to ... 2016-12-29 14:25 1KB

(1.02/9) 41 Memmingen OB died lonely in the forest

His death came suddenly. In the middle of the woods. While he was jogging. Markus Kennerknecht died at the age of 46. 2016-12-29 13:46 1KB

(1.02/9) 42 Where are the sex toys actually hidden?

To simply leave the lustful toy lying around so that others can see it? This is a taboo for 80 percent. Where they hide it ... 2016-12-29 13:12 778Bytes

(1.02/9) 43 Infrastructure program: China expands network for high-speed trains

China plans to invest around 480 billion euros in expanding the route network for high-speed trains by 2020. The expansion is part of an infrastructure program designed to boost the country's economy. 2016-12-29 10:21 2KB

(1.02/9) 44 3 secrets of the Winnetou shoot

Really tough, what a twist! Tonight RTL shows the last part of the Winnetou trilogy (8:15 p.m.). BILD reveals three set secrets that you couldn't see on TV. So much can be revealed, a secret revolves around the toe of "Old Shatterhand" Wotan Wilke Möhring (49). 2016-12-29 10:15 1KB

(1.02/9) 45 The highest paid professional soccer player in the world

After moving to China, Carlos Tevez advanced to number one on the payroll, he now earns more than Cristiano Ronaldo and Co.2016-12-29 09:56 1019Bytes

(1.02/9) 46 International football: Carlos Tevez moves to China

With an annual salary of allegedly 44 million, Shanghai Shenhua successfully baited Argentine striker Carlos Tevez. 2016-12-29 09:36 1KB

(1.02/9) 47 Sex scandal among green youth: young politicians sued 17-year-olds

Rape or defamation? After two young Bavarian politicians have sex with each other, they raise serious allegations against each other. The judiciary should now clarify the case. Lawyers see parallels with other prominent cases. 2016-12-29 07:09 2KB

(1.01/9) 48 After the attack on Breitscheidplatz: No regulation in the event of hardship

Who supports the victims and relatives of the terrorist attack? The regulations on victim compensation are not clear in this case - because the weapon in the crime was a car. 2016-12-29 18:45 2KB

(1.00/9) 49 Basketball professional Ohlbrecht is out with a knee injury

Basketball Bundesliga team ratiopharm Ulm has to do without center Tim Ohlbrecht for a long time. The 28-year-old has a ligament injury in his left knee 2016-12-29 19:38 1KB

(0.03/9) 50 - Nachrichten - Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

The region around Rügen is the sunniest in all of Germany. Meteorologists recorded almost 2,000 hours of sunshine this year on the Baltic Sea island, and even 2,151 on Greifswalder Oie. 2016-12-29 18:25 2KB

(0.03/9) 51 MY SCHMERZ: In the entry queue

Our Europe is a fortress, says David Wagner. While Europeans can fly anywhere, less privileged people drown in the Mediterranean. 2016-12-29 17:34 4KB

(0.02/9) 52 Emilia and Jonas are the most popular first names in Berlin

Most of the girls born in Berlin in 2016 are called Emilia, the most popular first name for boys this year was Jonas. That goes from the first name statistics of the 2016-12-29 19:19 1KB

(0.02/9) 53 Economy - Eastern European equities Conclusion: inconsistent

BUDAPEST / WARSAW / PRAGUE / MOSCOW (dpa-AFX) - Eastern Europe's most important stock markets did not find a common direction on Thursday. The stock exchanges in the Czech Republic 2016-12-29 19:05 2KB

(0.02/9) 54 Lower Austria: The black open-air museum

In Lower Austria, the ÖVP Erwin Prölls rules with an absolute majority of mandates (and votes). A special case in Austria - and throughout Europe. 2016-12-29 18:00 5KB

(0.01/9) 55 Who wants to move into the Lombardis?

At least as a love nest, THIS apartment is probably no good ... At the beginning of January, the place of Sarah (24) and Pietro Lombardi (24) in Brühl will be free again. 2016-12-29 18:33 914Bytes

(0.01/9) 56 Israel's Netanyahu versus the rest of the West

In response to US criticism and a UN resolution against settlement policy, the Israeli prime minister lashes out. 2016-12-29 18:00 4KB

(0.01/9) 57 New Year's Concert: Rehearsals with Gustavo and Julie

The children of the Superar string orchestra recorded two New Year's concert pieces with conductor Gustavo Dudamel. And Julie Andrews? She watched it. 2016-12-29 18:00 4KB

(0.01/9) 58 Revolution in the Spanish orange garden

The golden days are over for the orange business. Many farmers give up their plantations - or switch to more exotic fruits, such as persimmons. 2016-12-29 18:00 4KB

(0.01/9) 59 New owner Buwog moves into the glass palace

Buwog is building a customer and administration center at Rathausstrasse 1. 2016-12-29 18:00 4KB

(0.01/9) 60 The 14 most expensive companies are from the USA

Apple is valued at $ 625 billion on the stock exchange, making it the world's most expensive company. Alphabet and Microsoft follow in second and third place. 2016-12-29 18:00 3KB

(0.01/9) 61 Venice is losing its inhabitants

The young generation is moving away from Italy's tourist city. Finding an apartment is almost impossible. 2016-12-29 18:00 4KB

(0.01/9) 62 Third quarter: National debt falls slightly

The national debt falls to 84.1 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). 2016-12-29 18:00 1KB

(0.01/9) 63 Afghanistan's first female fighter pilot gives up: Rahmani's rough landing

Niloofar Rahmani is the first female fighter pilot in Afghanistan. 2016-12-29 12:55 754 bytes

64 Soros: Angela Merkel triggered the collapse of the EU

The investor George Soros sees the EU at the end. He blames Angela Merkel. 2016-12-29 20:43 3KB

65 motorists missed the ferry and landed in the Rhine

In heavy fog, a 64-year-old car driver missed a ferry and landed in the Rhine. As the police announced, the man wanted 1KB late 2016-12-29 19:38

66 LKA warns of e-mails from blackmailers

The State Criminal Police Office (LKA) Lower Saxony warns of e-mails with which fraudsters want to blackmail the recipients. In bad German they suggest explosive ... 2016-12-29 19:35 893Bytes

67 Dangerous nail traps for bikers on forest trails cause a dispute

Insidious nail traps for mountain bikers in the forest in the Aichach region cause outrage. The police speak of attempted assault. Where are cyclists allowed to ride now? 2016-12-29 19:33 5KB

68 US State Department: ceasefire positive development

Washington (AP) - The US has welcomed the planned ceasefire in Syria. This is a positive development, said the spokesman for the American Foreign Minister 2016-12-29 19:30 1KB

69 Dispute in Offenbach: Man suffers gunshot wound

A 38-year-old man was shot and seriously injured in an argument in downtown Offenbach. He was taken to a hospital, where 2016-12-29 19:28 1KB

70 This is what Europe sounds like: The voices of the continent

Bad luck with master singing, but historical fame. When it comes to Europe's music, everyone loves and admires the Germans - and copy the Italians: this is what the continent sounds like. 2016-12-29 19:23 4KB

71 cyclists in Berlin: bicycle streets for more safety

New plans for bicycle streets in Prenzlauer Berg are provoking opposition from motorists - and cyclists. 2016-12-29 19:23 2KB

72 Shiffrin breaks ski record

The American woman wins her twelfth slalom in a row at Semmering - no ski racer has ever succeeded in such a series. 2016-12-29 19:16 1KB

73 "We don't want social benefits, we want to work"

Refugees from Senegal and Ghana are not allowed to work, even if they have a job. That costs the Free State a lot of money, criticize the Greens. 2016-12-29 19:14 5KB

74 More citizens in the Hanover region are arming themselves

In Hanover and the surrounding communities, more and more citizens have a small gun license issued. The ID entitles you to fire alarms, irritants ... 2016-12-29 19:13 944Bytes

75 2016: 24 hours of an unbelievable year

A terrorist kills 85 people in Nice, Donald Trump appoints his deputy, and there is a coup in Turkey. All of this happened between the evening of July 14th and the evening of July 15th. Reports from a world in a state of emergency. 2016-12-29 19:06 16KB

76 - The carol singers are on their way again

By January 6th, around 330,000 carol singers from the 27 German dioceses will be traveling nationwide, dressed up as the Three Kings, collecting donations for children in need all over the world. 2016-12-29 19:04 938Bytes

77 The "miracle" of Rheinsberg: Facebook friends help Schlosskater

Sheldon the cat, who "resides" in the Rheinsberg Castle, looked bad: The fur was shaggy and shiny. But Sheldon has thousands of Facebook friends. The remote diagnosis of a veterinarian ultimately helps the four-legged friend. 2016-12-29 19:03 2KB

78 Argentina's ex-president: court demands new investigation against Kirchner

The public prosecutor should investigate the allegations of the deceased special investigator Alberto Nisman. 2016-12-29 18:58 1KB

79 All races on New Year's Eve and New Year in the region

It's not just at the Maschsee that runners get busy on New Year's Eve. The following overview shows you where you can still sporty the New Year ... 2016-12-29 18:54 4KB

80 documents signed: A truce with conditions

In addition to a ceasefire for Syria, according to Russia an agreement on peace negotiations has been reached. In addition, Russia, Turkey and Iran are said to have agreed to implement their respective interests in Syria. By J. Stryjak. 2016-12-29 18:53 4KB

81 New Year's Eve tips: Spontaneous Happy New Year 2017

The countdown for New Year's Eve has begun, from Sunday 2017 onwards. 2016-12-29 18:52 3KB

82 Just ordered, already delivered

The goods should reach the customer faster and faster. Therefore, the warehouses have to be close to the cities - and automated. A visit to the Norderstedt distribution center. 2016-12-29 18:50 7KB

83 Good and bad at the same time

What efficiency classes mean for vacuum cleaners, washing machines and refrigerators - and which ones are allowed to come onto the market at all. 2016-12-29 18:50 3KB

84 Principle of the squirrel

The federal government recommends that citizens keep food available for emergencies. But where do you put the emergency rations? Not everyone has a pantry. 2016-12-29 18:50 5KB

85 Classics of Expressionism

The building was the central administration of the AOK, party college of the SED and will soon be a residential complex. 2016-12-29 18:50 7KB

86 A beautiful shrine

From the stable to the parking space right next to the sofa: Accommodation for the car has become a prestige object. But there is a strong countermovement. 2016-12-29 18:50 7KB

87 More, smaller, more expensive

The real estate consultancy examined where and how construction is currently taking place in the Bavarian capital. Large apartments are often only available in the luxury segment - families have a particularly difficult time finding suitable accommodation. 2016-12-29 18:50 2KB

88 freighter blocks Danube

More on 2016-12-29 18:50 921Bytes

89 Deceived, paid, calculated

Who has to look after the garden, what are operating costs? The Federal Court of Justice clarifies this in the last instance. 2016-12-29 18:50 9KB

90 The Ansbach Crisis Clinic

The clinic association was only founded three years ago to ensure supply in Bavaria's largest district. But now the financial collapse threatens due to political and economic mistakes.2016-12-29 18:50 4KB

91 Deep sadness and great perplexity

The Lord Mayor of Memmingen, Markus Kennerknecht, died completely unexpectedly at the age of 46. He was only in office for 38 days 2016-12-29 18:50 1KB

92 With the locomotive in the roundabout

Many municipalities are getting into a tailspin aesthetically with the design of their spinning top art. Not so the city of Freilassing. 2016-12-29 18:50 2KB

93 jewel without shine

In the Ottobeurer Museum for Contemporary Art, the directors give each other the handle. The new man Markus Albrecht is confident and remains for the time being 2016-12-29 18:50 6KB

94 Confident

The twin brothers Alex and Heiko Jung in the Unterfahrt 2016-12-29 18:50 2KB

95 Everything under one roof

Publisher Thomas Endl and his little "Edition Tingeltangel" 2016-12-29 18:50 1KB

96 Warm up for smokers

There's absolutely nothing winter outside. A break in front of the door is also good without a cigarette 2016-12-29 18:50 2KB

97 City keeps garbage fees stable

The waste disposal companies promise not to increase prices until 2018. In the coming year there will be a big campaign against disposable coffee cups 2016-12-29 18:50 4KB

98 Evening celebration

The turn of the year cannot be avoided. How you commit it depends on the circumstances and on yourself. The character of the festival is determined by those who have prepared it. A typology 2016-12-29 18:50 8KB

99 mega march to Mittenwald

Already 300 registrations for the 100-kilometer long hike 2016-12-29 18:50 2KB

100 God's machine gun

Father Gabriel works as a pastor for the Federal Police. He makes flippant jokes and doesn't mince his words. Is that supposed to be a Catholic pastor? Yes, hallelujah, that's him. 2016-12-29 18:50 8KB

101 A cracker for a laugh

The New Year celebrations are very different in Germany and Afghanistan. 2016-12-29 18:50 4KB

102 A pub like Giesing

Florian Falterer has big plans with Riffraff for the quarter 2016-12-29 18:50 3KB

103 Everything in a party mood

Classical music, dance, magic, sport and also serious words - there is something for everyone on New Year's Eve at the events in and around Munich 2016-12-29 18:50 6KB

104 Don't get mad

More video cameras would not automatically lead to more security in Munich - especially not on nights like New Year's Eve 2016-12-29 18:50 2KB

105 construction site with runway

Two real estate developers buy the Oberpfaffenhofen airfield and want to relocate companies - that arouses fears 2016-12-29 18:50 4KB