When do you paint

Small artists, big impact: Ella on painting

Hello Ella, when was the last time you painted?
That was when I was visiting my grandma recently.

And what exactly do you have Schönes painted?
I painted different horses. Sometimes I paint birds with my grandmother. It's also a lot of fun.

What exactly do you like about painting?
I don't really know. I just really enjoy it.

If you have so much funßyou paint often, don't you?
Oh yeah! Five times a week, for sure.

And where do your ideas for drawing always come from?
Oh, that's always different. For example, I like to see what other children are painting. Then when I like a picture, I just paint it over. Or I look at what others have made. You can also reproduce that very well.

Is there anything that you are particularly good at painting?
Yes, I am particularly good at painting horses, cats and dolphins.

And do you prefer to draw them with colored pencils or with felt-tip pens?
I always prefer to use colored pencils.

Aren't felt-tip pens so good for painting?
But already. But somehow you can paint longer with colored pencils. And above all, it's better to paint the areas on the paper.

Have you ever painted with anything other than pens?
Once I found round stones in the school yard. You could paint on the floor with them quite well. I then used the stones to draw a dog in the schoolyard and a large, white border around it. But I've also painted with watercolors. We often do that in our school.

And do you have a favorite color when you paint?
Yes, my favorite colors are light blue and red!

Do you just paint pictures or do you do something else creative?
When I play Lego, I always think of a lot of different things and characters. Sometimes I also do handicrafts with paper, but not quite as often as before. I even made my own book with glue. Or colored plasters for my doctor's case.

F.üFor World Children's Painting Day, little Küartist how you draw their favorite animal this year. Which animal wüwould you paint there?
My favorite animals are cats and horses. So I would paint both of them.

On the pens, done, go!

For all those who want to give free rein to their creative streak and also want to do good at the same time: On May 6th, the Staedtler company invites all small artists to show their talent as a painter. Under the great motto "Funny animals", the pens will be waved and colored paint on the paper on the World Children's Painting Day 2016. If you submit a drawing of your very own favorite animal, you can win great prizes. In addition, the little artists can look for donation sponsors (for example parents, grandparents or acquaintances) for their works and exchange the pictures for a monetary donation that will benefit the SOS Children's Villages Association. You can find out exactly how it works at www.weltkindermaltag.de. If you still need pens and paper, you should stop by our shop in Lünen! Our Brauch team will be happy to help you and your child choose the right painting utensils.