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Brilliance BS6 2.0 Deluxe (01/07 - 02/10)

Conclusion on the Brilliance BS6 2.0 Deluxe (01/07 - 02/10)

About two years ago, Chinese carmakers tried to gain a foothold in the German market. The off-road vehicle was so inadequate and had such bad reviews that it was quickly decided to back down. Now the Chinese company Brilliance Jim Bei has set about supplying the world with their cars. The beginning is a nearly five meter long limousine with the name Brillance. At first glance, it looks very classy, ​​but only offers sparse technology. In particular, savings were made on the safety equipment, such as side airbags, side head airbags, proper headrests, Isofix, anti-skid system, xenon light and much more. And you will look in vain for anything as banal as a height adjustment for the headlights, as well as for a diagnostic connector that has long been mandatory to be able to perform maintenance. The two-liter four-cylinder engine is an old acquaintance from the Mitsubishi shelf, and thanks to two counter-rotating balance shafts it runs smoothly. The performance is sufficient to be able to keep up with normal traffic, while the consumption is still within tolerable limits. The gearbox is well graded, but it has problems when changing gears, an automatic gearbox is not available. Conclusion: A huge mid-range sedan with a fast-paced look, at an affordable price. The many security weaknesses should be taken into account when making a purchase.

The detailed test report for the Brilliance BS6 2.0 Deluxe (01/07 - 02/10) as PDF.

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The ADAC test report was carried out with the model BS6 (2006 - 2010)