Which cell phone holds the most value

Selling an old cell phone

Where can I sell my old cell phone?

You can open your cell phone three different ways make money:

  1. You compare them Second hand dealer on the Internet and send the old cell phone in by post.
  2. You go with classic buying and selling shop in the shopping street.
  3. You sell your smartphone yourself Ebay, markt.de and Co.

If you've treated your smartphone well, it can still bring in hundreds of euros after three or four years. How much you can expect exactly depends on how high-quality the phone was when it was bought and how popular it is now. Basically, the prices for Apple products fall more slowly than for Android smartphones. So you can get the most out of old iPhones.

The prerequisite is that your smartphone is still working. Scratch marks, peeling paint and other signs of wear and tear also reduce the sales price. If the phone is too old or too worn out, you can either donate or recycle to let. Used cell phones do not belong in the household waste under any circumstances.

You can get an initial assessment of what your cell phone is still worth, for example on the comparison site handyverkauf.net.

The online used dealer: Convenient and easy from home

You don't have the time or the inclination to sell your mobile phone yourself? Then used dealers on the Internet are a convenient alternative. Some online retailers have specialized in buying old cell phones, refurbishing them professionally and then reselling them as used smartphones.

You just have to know the model and provide some information about the condition. The dealer will then tell you his price. Do you agree, send your cell phone in the mail and within a few days the money lands in your bank account.

One disadvantage of online retailers is that they initially only give a very rough estimate of the condition of your smartphone. If the dealer notices even greater defects during the review, it may be that he has the Price renegotiated. If you don't respond, the retailer will usually send the smartphone back to you and annoyingly you have to look around for a new buyer.

Before you decide on a dealer, you should first compare the purchase prices. It's easy to do via a comparison portal: You can find an overview of online prices, for example, on handyverkauf.net.

The second-hand shop: make some money the next time you go out for a stroll

While walking through the shopping street, you can stop by a shop for buying and selling. The advantage: If the seller makes you a good offer, you get yours Money straight to your hand. For a realistic price, he should test the smartphone once and assess how strong the signs of use are.

The disadvantage: you can do the offered Difficult to compare price. If the offer deviates significantly from the online price, let us explain to you where the retailer sees defects.

Ebay, markt.de and Co .: Take the sales into your own hands

If you want to bypass the middleman, you can also sell your old smartphone directly to the next owner. So did you greater impact on the pricebut also more work. Ebay certainly stands out among the numerous sales platforms. But watch out: the auction platform keeps a sales commission of 10 percent for itself.

Free alternatives are, for example, Ebay classifieds, markt.de or quoka.de. The only catch: Shipping is not actually planned. Buyers must personally collect the goods from the seller. Some portals even explicitly warn their users against transferring money to a stranger and then trusting that the goods will arrive at them.

Nice photos increase the price

Successful photos make the selling price soar, because potential buyers are much more likely to “fall in love” with a beautiful picture than with sober technical data. The photos should show your phone from the chocolate side, however does not cover up any damage.

When you set up your old cell phone, describe it precisely and be honest. It doesn't pay off if, for example, you hide the crack on the back of your iPhone. Otherwise you will quickly get a negative rating, or the buyer will object to the purchase afterwards.