How can I rename the PUBG ID

PUBG Mobile: How to Change Looks and Names

The popular battle royale game is extremely well received by players and offers almost no cause for criticism. The implementation for smartphones works largely intuitively and even multiplayer games are no problem on a small screen. Only changing and renaming your game character can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. So here are some tips.

This is how you customize the appearance of your character

The good news is that you can change your physical appearance relatively easily in PUBG Mobile. The bad news: For the basic external change you unfortunately have to put 3000 BPs (battle points, the in-game currency) on the table every time. And this is how it works: If you have opened the app on your smartphone and are in the dashboard, tap on the "Inventory" tab at the top. Together with the large inventory menu on the right-hand side, a small field appears right next to your character. There you will find the "Reset" button, which you will first tap.

Now you can make any changes you have in mind - for example, change the gender, face or hair of the figure. At the end you have to confirm again that you really want to reset or change the character for 3000 BPs. Then you can give the figure from the inventory a few new clothes; however, make sure that the items have an expiration date. Some items of clothing are only in your possession for a certain number of days.

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What to watch out for when resetting the name

You don't like your nickname anymore? For a long time, there was no way in PUBG Mobile to change the visible player ID at will - and even now it is not so easily possible. You need the so-called “renaming cards”, of which you may have already received 1-2 as a seasonal reward. If you redeem such a card, you can change your name (once a day). To do this, go to the inventory, tap on the icon with the box at the bottom right, select the renaming card (the green card with the letters "ID") and tap on "Use" on the left. Now you can enter a new name and confirm the process.


  • Resetting your character costs 3000 Battle Points each time.
  • If you have the money left over, you can, for example, change your gender, skin tone, face and hair color again.
  • The name change works via so-called "renaming cards" from your inventory.
  • This allows you to change your in-game name once a day.

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Cover picture: In-house creation / Unsplash (Hal Gatewood)