Why can't my phone connect to WiFi?

WLAN not working? This is how you connect your Android smartphone correctly

Everyone knows the moment of shock when the cell phone does not dial into the WLAN. Nobody wants to waste valuable data volume when there is actually WiFi access. We'll show you what to do if the connection between smartphone and router doesn't work as you do.

WLAN connection error? - Don't panic!

If the worst comes to the worst, you shouldn't panic right away. Most of the time it is only little things that separate you from the wireless network. Follow our step-by-step guide to solve the WiFi problem.

Step 1 - activate devices

As mundane as it sounds, make sure the router is on at all. Perhaps the plug came out a little when the clutch was closed, or mum needed the socket for the vacuum cleaner. The same goes for your tablet or smartphone. Pull down the status bar and see if the WiFi icon is blue. If this is not the case, tap it to activate the WiFi.

Step 2 - Wrong password

It's always the little things. You want to dial into a new network, but the technology doesn't want that? Be sure to check the password. Typing errors are the order of the day when it comes to cryptic combinations of numbers and characters. The best thing to do is to make your input visible by tapping the eye next to the input field.

Step 3 - flight mode

Shortly after getting up you want to surf a little, but your smartphone says "nope"? This can have a very simple cause: your smartphone is in flight mode! Pull down the status bar, tap on the aircraft and off you go. Neither radio nor mobile data are active in flight mode. So you can save battery.

Step 4 - restart the phone

If the smartphone still does not dial into the WLAN, restarting the mobile phone can help. Devices that have been in operation for a long time accumulate data that may interfere with functions. It still does not work? Annoying. Take the smartphone of a family member or friend and test whether other devices can log in.

Step 5 - delete network

If only a certain network is stubborn, you should delete it from the list. To do this, go to “Connections” in the settings and then to “WLAN”. Select the appropriate network and remove it. Then you dial in again. Attention, now the password is required!

Step 6 - disconnect the router

WLAN, the Oberzicke: Sometimes it helps to just turn off the juice. Plug the router out of the socket, count to three and plug it in again. Wait another 60 seconds to see if something happens.

Step 7 - reset router

Even a router occasionally needs a restart. The reset button is located on the back of the device. Most of the time, a small, pointed object is needed. Please note, however, that you will then have to set up the device again on the computer. How is it looking? Is your smartphone now connecting to the WLAN?

Step 8 - activate the MAC address

Like the PC, your smartphone also has its own MAC address. You can find this at the bottom in the settings under "Phone info" or "About the phone". Now access the router via the PC and unlock the MAC address in the menu. Then restart the cell phone and it should work with the WiFi connection.

Step 9 - system update

Could it be that you haven't given your smartphone an update for a long time? If a system update is available, you should always install it.

How to find an update in Android: In the settings, scroll all the way down to "About phone" or "Phone info" - varies depending on the version - and tap on it. You can search for a current version in the software information. If a new version is displayed, install it immediately.

Step 10 - reset smartphone

If you still really don't want to, neither with home nor foreign networks, but other smartphones have no problems with WiFi and you have tested everything, there is only one option left and that is a bit bitter: Reset your smartphone to the factory settings. However, this means that everything that is on your device will also be deleted. A backup is therefore inevitably necessary. In another article we will explain how to create a backup before you reset your phone.

Still no WiFi connection - what now?

If the mobile phone still does not recognize WLAN, the hardware in the device is probably defective. You can find out whether a repair for a new antenna is worthwhile from a local mobile phone repair shop. However, this usually exceeds the value of the smartphone purchased. You should face the truth and look for a new smartphone. At DEINHANDY you will always find the latest smartphones - even without tariffs.