What did Jesus say to Saint Faustina?

What did the Lord Jesus say to Sister Faustina?

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Who was and Sister Faustina? Actually Maria Faustyna Kowalska was a nun from parishes of Sisters of Our Lady Grace. In the Catholic Church she is considered a saint. She is best known as a preacher of the cult of Divine Mercy. The sister is the author of the so-called diary in which she described all of her spiritual and mystical experiences in connection with the apparitions.

Sister Faustina was born in Glogowiec village in 1905. She had her first vision in 1924 during a dance party in Venice Park in Lodz. She saw the tormented Jesus who instructed her to take the order. After many unsuccessful attempts, Maria finally entered the house of the parishes of the Sisters of Our Lady.

The sister was exposed to revelations until his death in 1938. W Revelations The Lord gave the sister a series of commands and dictated prayers. The sister wrote about all the mystical events in her diary. The first prayer is the Rosary of Divine Mercy. The Lord combined this with the promise that for every prayer said for a sinner, the Lord would give him mercy conversions. At one of his later conversions, the Lord Jesus promised that whoever prayed this prayer would have a great pity at the hour of death. The priests, in turn, should give this prayer to the dying as a last resort for sinners.

The Lord also ordered Faustina to pray at three o'clock to save sinners, for it is the hour of great compassion.

When Jesus asked Faustina to paint his picture, he expressed his wish that the second Sunday after the resurrection would be the feast of Divine Mercy. Other promises of the Lord are connected with this festival. On this day He pours out a sea of ​​graces on the souls who approach Him. He also confirmed the possibility of receiving a total indulgence that day.

Jesus also lamented in his revelations. He complained of souls who, despite his bitter torment, were saved for our lives. So he commanded the spread of his mercy and asked for the salvation of the souls of men.

Revelations They lasted until 1938. Whoever is ready to read the full contents of the mystical meetings, to find out what Jesus said to Faustina, we refer you to the diary of Sisters of St. Faustina Kowalska.

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