Why could life be an empty dream

Dream interpretation and dream symbols: Explore the soul while sleeping

Typical dream situations

To fly

Humans have dreamed of the ability to fly since time immemorial. Whoever flies in a dream and finds it pleasant, often longs to get rid of their everyday problems. But a newly won freedom, such as the end of a stressful relationship, can be the trigger for such a dream.

to travel

Those who travel venture into the unknown - this also applies to dreaming. A dream about traveling may have to do with a change in waking life, such as a new job or a new place of residence. But even those who feel cramped in their life and long for variety and new things often dream of traveling. The further away the goal, the more the dreamer wishes for change.

Pursuit dreams

This type of dream is common and one of the most uncomfortable dream experiences. Often this indicates the escape from a problem or inner conflict. Before interpreting, one should ask oneself: what kind of persecutor was it? Do they remember a specific person or a trait of their own? Was it possible to shake off the persecutors, did they come closer, or were they opposed? Persecution dreams can indicate a problem that may be suppressed and encourage one to face it.


The feeling of falling can indicate insecurities, fears, and self-doubt. Problems caused by changes in life, as well as the fear of not living up to certain demands, can be the reason for a dream of falling. A fall into the void can also symbolize fear of the future.


Who is naked in the dream and feels comfortable with it, is at peace with himself. The dreamer no longer wants to pretend and longs for openness and freedom. However, if one is ashamed in a dream for his naked appearance or can not even find his clothes, this indicates the fear of exposure or a lack of self-confidence.

To cheat on

Do not worry - whoever cheats on his partner in a dream does not need to fear that this will really happen in the near future. Still, you should consider whether you are still happy in your relationship. Perhaps there are problems that one has not yet admitted to and needs that one does not meet. However, a dream of cheating can also indicate feelings of guilt that do not have to have anything to do with the partner.


It sounds banal - if you argue in a dream, you also have (inner) conflicts in the awake life for which there is no solution so far. If you are even in the center of the argument, you may feel cornered in your life at the moment. Anyone who experiences a quarrel in a dream as a spectator is possibly in a stressful phase of life.

to fail

Who does not know the dream of the important exam - and suddenly the right answers do not come to mind. Who is in a dream with a panic feeling about failure, carries in the awake life the fear of not meeting certain requirements and the expectations of others.

Come too late

While some in such dreams simply cannot get ready to go, others encounter new obstacles on their way. Often it is about processing feelings of guilt and the fear of disappointing someone or missing an opportunity. The feeling of being overwhelmed, which is often present in such dreams, could also play a role in the waking life at the moment.

Tip: Especially dream situations that seem embarrassing or threatening to the dreamer are often important indications of the subconscious.