Powerful people have to be ruthless


Is success reckless?

How much selfishness and recklessness does success take? asks Helma Spona

When you open the newspaper at breakfast in the morning and have to read again that managers in highly paid positions and in influential positions are once again firing thousands of employees, but at the same time are not afraid to put millions in severance payments into their own pockets if they screw up something and have to go. Don't you get the thought from time to time that with success, ruthlessness must come automatically? Because how else can there be so many people who are inconsiderate enough to act against every social rule and virtue?

Maybe you are swapping cause and effect here? Perhaps ruthlessness is not the result of success at all, but a requirement? I think that comes closest to the matter, because there are, of course, the successful and powerful, who nevertheless also think of others. Even if they are unfortunately in the minority.

Over time, I realized that a healthy level of selfishness and ruthlessness are a must in order to be successful both privately and professionally. Only those who have clear goals in mind, and who also pursue them without always and constantly thinking about what others say about it, how others feel about them and whether one does not offend one or the other, will also achieve their goal. Everyone else may make the right decisions, but will not be able to put them into practice.

So, if you want to be successful, you have to show a degree of hardship and ruthlessness. Set a goal and pursue it. Do not forget, however, that hardship and ruthlessness should have their limits where the innocent suffer unjustifiably. It is certainly not in the interests of your own career not to get a better job in another company because you don't want your old colleagues to be sad. Most of them don't show that much consideration when in doubt. But a new job, possibly in another city, from which your own family will suffer, for example, may not be the point of the matter.

Ruthlessness is necessary, but it should also have its limits. Then you will be successful and still be able to look at yourself in the mirror without shame.