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Death Claw (Fallout 4)

Death claw

Death claws are creatures found in the Commonwealth, Far Harbor, and Nuka-World.


Death claws were originally developed by the US military before the Great War to replace people in high-risk missions. The basis was Jackson's chameleon, which was modified with the DNA of other species, a process that was further refined by the master. The resulting creature is almost incredibly fast and strong. Nevertheless, the master decided against using it in his army.

By 2161, deathclaws were creatures from the realm of myth and legend to most residents of southern California. They could only be found in the boneyard, where a mother lived in a former nest, and near the hub, where they occasionally attacked caravans or travelers. Later, after the death claws had spread across the continent, it was clear that these were not fabled creatures, but actually just another dangerous creature.


Death claws are still very dangerous opponents in close combat. Compared to its predecessors, the death claws in Fallout 4 have darker skin, longer horns and shorter claws. They are also able to perform more movements, e.g. B. walking on all fours or climbing over obstacles.

Death claws have a very high energy resistance. It is advisable to cripple the creature's legs with heavy weapons or ballistic rifles.

Game mechanics attributes

Compared to other opponents on their level, death claws have a lot of health and very high resistance, especially against energy weapons. Their fast fighting style makes them dangerous opponents even at low levels. When they discover their prey, they initiate the fight with a roar and stomp on the ground, which shows up in a shock wave.

Deathclaws have the ability to instantly kill the Lone Survivor and other humans by grabbing them and smashing them into the ground. This attack can also kill while wearing power armor.


The different types one can encounter depend on the level of the player. Different variations become more and more common with a higher level. For example, in a place where a normal Deathclaw appears at a low level, an Alpha Deathclaw may appear at a higher level. The higher the player level, the higher the chance of encountering greater variation. At scripted events, for example on the roof of the Haymarket Mall and in Lynn Woods, the chance of encountering a higher-tier variant is higher.

Death claw

Normal death claws, level 22, are very dangerous for lower level players and are also a challenge for higher level characters. Deathclaws storm their victims, covering their soft belly with their head, making it difficult to land a hit in their weak spot, even in V.A.T.S ..

Alpha Death Claw

An Alpha Death Claw can be encountered on the roof of Haymarket Mall and when activating the circuit breaker on the tower in Lynn Woods. They can also be encountered in the Shining Sea and west of Natick Banks. Alpha deathclaws have horns that grow forward and upward, while normal deathclaws have horns that grow forward and downward. Alpha death claws have rust-colored skin.