Why are beautiful people more successful

What is it: Is it really easier for beautiful people in life?

Everyone knows the phenomenon from back in school: the girls who looked good had it easy to wrap the teachers around their fingers. The sweet blonde got at least a 3 for her constant silence in class, while the less attractive classmate got a 5 straight away.

And it seems to continue like this even afterwards. Sympathy goes to beautiful people, they go down well with the boss, they get more attention. So much for our thinking. But is that also true? Is it really easier for beautiful people in life?

Attractiveness as a door opener

The American psychologist Rita Freedmann has specialized in research on the subject of attractiveness. After many studies, she comes to the conclusion: It is absolutely clear that beautiful people have it easier.

The reason: On the one hand, there is a social consensus on who is considered beautiful. Even if beauty may be a question of taste, there is still a relatively high degree of agreement as to which physical characteristics are considered beautiful and which are not. So there are people who are objectively viewed by almost everyone as beautiful.

Second point: we all tend to automatically attribute certain character traits to beautiful people. This happens quite unconsciously. Even small children in kindergarten prefer to make friends with good-looking children because they think they are smarter and friendlier than their not-so-pretty comrades.

From kindergarten to work

And so the phenomenon continues through our lives. In school, too, the beautiful are judged more mildly than their classmates. It's really true. And even in later professional life, the pretty ones have better cards. Be it with your picture in the application itself or later in the interview.

Not only does the attractive applicant feel more comfortable in his own skin, has more self-confidence and that radiates, he also assesses himself and his performance better. With the result that he is more likely to convince the boss than his inconspicuous gray colleagues. This was also shown by various studies.

Cash money thanks to good looks

And it goes further. Not only do the attractive ones get the job. Also the fatter salary. In a 2011 study, 3,000 Germans were rated on a scale based on attractiveness and then asked about their job and salary. Lo and behold: You could score almost as much with beauty when looking for a job as with a degree from university. And: for every point more on the beauty scale, those concerned earned around three percent more.

Of course, it also depends on the mental abilities on the job. Intelligence beats beauty in any case, but if you are beautiful AND intelligent, you have the best cards.

Why is the boss more likely to hire the handsome and self-confident applicant and pay him even more money? Well, he too associates external beauty with certain properties, just as we all do unconsciously. He, too, rates the good-looking as more intelligent, more creative and more hard-working.

Surprising catch

There is only one point where it is not necessarily easier for the beautiful. And that is surprising: when it comes to finding a partner. One would generally assume that a beautiful appearance is a plus here too - at least as far as the first impression is concerned.

However, the fact is: At first glance, that may well be the case and you will run into a street lamp mainly because of the super handsome guys. But only that. Because in the end we like to join forces and we automatically look for a partner in our league, in other words: someone who is similarly attractive. And that's just as well. Because this way you will definitely find a lid for every pot.