How long do apples last

How long can apples be stored?

October is the main harvest time for many apple varieties that are ideal for storage. Typical storage apples are, for example, the varieties Ontario, Boskoop, Topaz and Bell Apple. The apples continue to ripen during storage. In the process, starch residues are broken down into sugar and glucose is converted into the somewhat sweeter fruit sugar. The fruits get a fuller aroma and taste sweeter. "If the ratio of sugar and acid is balanced and the taste is typical of the variety, then the so-called consumption maturity has been reached," says Sabine Hülsmann, nutrition expert at the Bavarian Consumer Center. It unfolds two to four weeks after the picking time. The longer the time the apples are stored, they lose moisture , the vitamin content drops and they become wrinkled. "At a low storage temperature of around 4 degrees Celsius and high humidity, this process takes place very slowly," says Sabine Hülsmann. It is important to check the apples weekly to sort out rotten fruit. This is how storage apples last well into the new year.

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