What are the most popular styles


At the very beginning of an explanatory video production, the question arises: In which style should the film be produced? The right choice is elementary and has a direct influence on the perception and the Success of the explanatory video

A good animation style is just as important as the video concept in order to appeal to the target group. Why is that? With the appropriate explanatory video style, you can visualize not only the specific content but also emotions, attitudes or attitudes. But the choice is huge: Flat style, whiteboard, layout trick, cut out, business vector, papercraft, screen capture, scribble, icon or something completely different? For what purpose are the respective styles suitable at all? The abundance of options can overwhelm many. Some styles are also very similar to one another or are combined with one another in the finished product.

Explanatory videos can be roughly divided into 2D and 3D animated films as well as real films. In many cases an animated variant is chosen. Because of their simple structure, they manage to present even complex topics in a simple way without distracting the audience. Real productions are better suited for other content. For example, when emotionality plays an important role or the actual application of a product is shown.

We have summarized and explained the most popular explainer video styles for you: