What motivates people to learn Romanian?


Romanian is the official language in Romania and Moldova and is spoken by a total of 34 million people. The Romanian language is based on the Latin alphabet, on which the German language and other Western European languages ​​are based. Only a few letters therefore differ from the German alphabet. This means that learning the Romanian language is not much more difficult than Italian or Spanish.

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It is especially helpful at the beginning to learn as many vocabulary as possible, because the larger the vocabulary, the easier it is to have a conversation. As a beginner, you can concentrate on the most important phrases of daily use. These include the greeting and farewell, the personal introduction with name and age as well as simple questions about the way.

The larger the vocabulary becomes in the course of the learning process, the better the expression and feeling for language. So it doesn't take long to complete a Conversation in Romanian can be performed. And with a free vocabulary trainer, learning is twice as fun.

The Bucharest Parliament (Image: Arnim Schulz - Fotolia)

Romanian vocabulary trainer

The free one Romanian vocabulary trainer has all the important terms and phrases for vacation, stays or the semester abroad as well as for work. It is not only aimed at beginners, but also at anyone who wants to refresh and deepen their knowledge of Romanian.

Vocabulary trainer German - Romanian

Vocabulary trainer Romanian - German