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The 20 best Facebook pages for web designers and developers

If you as a web designer or developer are looking for new graphic ideas, interesting fonts and icons or if you are looking for tips and advice on programming, Facebook can be an excellent source of inspiration. Assuming: you know the right sides. And unfortunately that is often the problem, because the research possibilities on Facebook are - let's put it this way - "still expandable". That's why we've put together a number of interesting Facebook pages for web designers and developers where you can find lots of useful tips, advice, inspiration and job offers. Of course, you are welcome to expand this list. References to other helpful Facebook pages are always welcome.


For better orientation, we have divided the selected Facebook pages for web designers and developers into the following categories:

  1. Facebook pages that deal with the topic of web design in general
  2. Facebook pages where you can find hints and tips on fonts, icons and illustrations
  3. Facebook pages to jQuery
  4. Facebook pages on testing

The best web design Facebook pages

Web designer trends

Webdesigner Trends is a French-language website, but as a creative professional you will not only find impressive photo concepts, but also articles on the latest trends in web design, many useful tips on tools and graphic resources such as templates or icons (sometimes in English).

To the Facebook page of Webdesigner Trends

Web designer | Graph list

The colorful collection of creative ideas and campaigns that the Webdesigner | Graph list can be exchanged. In addition to online media and the focus on typography, you will also find interesting suggestions from the print sector on this page. However, this page also contains mostly contributions in French.

To the Facebook page of Webdesigner | Graph list

Web designer’s freebies

Webdesigner's Freebies is a real treasure trove for unusual graphic resources such as icons, fonts, textures, logos, themes, plug-ins and much more. Regular visits are worthwhile for web designers and developers, but also in view of the interesting price offers that are repeatedly drawn to your attention here.

Note: This page is unfortunately no longer available

Blog you web design

The French-language Facebook page of the Webdesign magazine offers you interesting news and tutorials, for example on navigation concepts, frameworks, CSS illustrations. You will also find royalty-free images and videos, attractive e-commerce themes and much more.

To the Facebook page of Blog du Webdesign

Web design

As a professional web designer or developer, you should also keep an eye on this Facebook page. Because here you will find inspiration and tutorials on everything a designer desires from creative websites: from unusual styles and hover effects to sliders, draggable elements, CSS 3D animations and color tools to
Image galleries and much more.

To the Facebook page of Webdesign

Web designer depot

You can find tons of web resources and fancy gimmics on the Webdesigner Depot site. In addition, this Facebook page offers you interesting articles on new web design trends, tutorials and many other topics.

To the Facebook page of Webdesigner Depot

The best Facebook pages on fonts, icons and illustrations


FontSpace is a must for typography fans. This page is about the Facebook presence of a font archive and download portal, where you can find many free fonts for Mac and Windows, which are also presented in posts and application examples.

To the FontSpace Facebook page

Typo Magazine

Professional typographers as well as ambitious web designers and beginners get their money's worth on the Typo Magazine Facebook page. A wealth of stimulating news on typography, graphic design and visual communication - enriched with background information - awaits you.

To the Facebook page of Typo Magazine


Are you looking for the perfect font for your web project? You will find it here. Let yourself be inspired by the fonts presented, among which there are always unusual fonts, as well as the many application examples from different areas.

To the Facebook page of Myfonts

Icon archive

The world of icons in all their facets. The iconarchive.com Facebook presence gives you an impression of the unbelievably versatile possibilities of icons and how you can use them for the design of application software, websites and mobile devices.

To the Icon Archive Facebook page


Iconfinder - the name says it all. Especially if you are looking for very high quality icons, Iconfinder is the right place for you. In addition to premium fonts, you will also find a whole range of interesting fonts here that are available free of charge.

To the Iconfinder Facebook page

Illustration Friday

Are you looking for inspiration? The Illustration Friday Facebook page is a fantastic Facebook presence where you can find a variety of unusual illustrations and get ideas for your next web project.

To the Illustration Friday Facebook page

The best jQuery and Bootstrap Facebook pages

JQuery plugins

JQuery Plugins regularly publishes information about the latest jQuery plugins. This Facebook page is a good option if you want to keep yourself regularly informed about developments in the jQuery world.

To the Facebook page of JQuery Plugins

Html5, CSS3, Ajax & jQuery

You can find many interesting and useful tips and tutorials on HTML5, jQuery, Ajax and CSS3 on the Facebook page HTML5, CSS3, Ajax & jQuery.

To the Facebook page of Html5, CSS3, Ajax & jQuery

CSS jQuery HTML5 JavaScript Image

Another well-known Facebook presence for web designers and developers is CSS jQuery HTML5 JavaScript Image. This page offers you a wide range of introductions and tutorials on JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 that appeal to beginners and professionals alike.

To the Facebook page of CSS jQuery HTML5 JavaScript Image

Bootstrap Responsive Themes

If you want to create mobile optimized websites, you can hardly avoid Bootstrap. On this Facebook page you will find a lot of useful information about Bootstrap Responsive Themes. Whether premium themes, how-to articles, dashboard templates, free tools and much more.

To the Facebook page of Bootstrap Responsive Themes

The best Facebook pages for testing


BrowserStack is an application testing tool that allows you to view and test your page on a wide variety of browsers and operating systems. You can find application tips and important background information on BrowserStack on this Facebook page.

To the Facebook page of BrowserStack

Sauce Labs

A good alternative to BrowserStack is the cloud-based application testing platform Sauce Labs, about which you can find comprehensive information on this Facebook presence.

To the Sauce Labs Facebook page

Software Testing and QA Jobs

Are you looking for a job as a software tester or in quality management? On this website you will find interesting job offers at all levels of experience. Of course, you can also use this platform to recruit your own staff for your testing projects.

To the Facebook page of Software Testing and QA Jobs

Testing jobs

A site similar to Software Testing and QA Jobs is the Testing Jobs Facebook presence.

To the Facebook page of Testing Jobs


That's it, our top 20 Facebook pages for web designers and developers. Of course, this selection can only be a small excerpt from a now unmanageable range of interesting Facebook sites. Which Facebook pages do you get inspiration from? Share your knowledge with our readers and send us a comment. We are looking forward to your feedback.

Photo credits: Fotolia, license: Host Europe

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