Does radiation affect the human brain

Do cell phones damage the human brain?

BETHESDA (hub). The influence of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones on the human brain has been the subject of constant controversy.

There are some epidemiological studies that indicate an increased risk of brain tumors. The majority of these studies, however, did not find such a link.

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA have now observed that cell phone radiation influences glucose metabolism in the human brain (JAMA 2011; 305: 808).

47 study participants were given a mobile phone in both ears for 50 minutes. In one run the right cell phone was switched on, in the second run both phones were switched off.

The glucose metabolism was increased by prior injection of 18F-labeled glucose then made visible in the PET scan.

The results: The glucose metabolism was only changed in the areas of the brain in the immediate vicinity of the telephone antenna. In these regions, the electromagnetic waves led to a seven percent increase in glucose sales. The rest of the brain was unaffected.

This is an indicator of a higher absorption of cell phone radiation by the cells, write the researchers. The extent to which the glucose turnover was increased was also dependent on the amplitude of the electromagnetic waves.

However, it is still unclear how cell phone radiation affects glucose metabolism. The researchers' demand: more studies on this.

This requirement is also the content of an editorial on the study (JAMA 2011; 305: 828). On the one hand, the biological relevance of the increased glucose metabolism must be researched.

On the other hand, it must be examined whether the brain is chronically damaged by cell phones with higher energetic radiation.

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