Which is healthier quinoa or bulgur

Inca vs. Ottomans - Quinoa and Bulgur in comparison

Filled up longer with bulgur

Because bulgur is a product made from steamed durum wheat semolina. Because the semolina has already been pre-cooked by the steam, it does not take long to prepare. In addition, a lot of nutrients and vitamins are retained due to the gentle production. Bulgur has a lot of fiber and thus ensures a long-lasting feeling of satiety - and is therefore absolutely recommended during the diet.

In Turkey and in the Middle East, it has always been part of every reasonable meal, but the crushed wheat grain is also becoming more and more established in this country. But of course the wheat contains gluten.

Quinoa - the super superfood

Zehra's favorite dish became a taboo. So alternatives had to be found. And if you are looking for grain alternatives these days, you cannot ignore the pseudo-grain and super grain quinoa. The superfood comes from South and Central America and was domesticated and cultivated by the Inca, Maya and Aztecs. Quinoa is particularly popular as a meatless source of protein and protein, because only a few other vegan foods can demonstrate a similar protein content. In addition, it has a particularly high amount of magnesium, zinc, iron and selenium compared to conventional grains and contains all essential amino acids, i.e. all amino acids that cannot be produced by the body but must be supplied through food.

A question of good taste

Fortunately, a Cig Köfte recipe was quickly found that replaced bulgur with quinoa. So Zehra doesn't have to go without her favorite food. And even if traditionalists should cover their ears now, the quinoa variant is also healthier.

Quinoa may have fewer carbohydrates, but it has a clear advantage when it comes to minerals such as magnesium, zinc and iron. Of course there is nothing to be said against bulgur either. Because the classic Turkish side dish is not unhealthy either. Compared to bulgur, the Inca grain has the edge, but those who prefer bulgur on their plate can continue to do so with a clear conscience. Apart from a possible gluten intolerance, it ultimately remains primarily a question of taste.

And Zehra? Is it going really well again? For them, as for others, the following applies: If you have gluten intolerance, you can simply replace bulgur with quinoa - without any stomach ache.