Smart water meters emit radiation

Smart meters without electrosmog - very easy!

Installation requirement

From 2020, the installation of smart meters will not only be mandatory for large consumers but also for households with an electricity consumption of more than 6,000 kilowatt hours per year. But even with lower consumption, the meter operator can install a smart meter. In the case of new buildings, an electronic meter must be installed anyway, which can then be upgraded to a smart meter with a gateway (SMGW). One can argue about the sense and nonsense of “intelligent meters” in private households.

In this article you will learn how to design the forced installation without additional radio exposure.

Select the metering point operator yourself

Since the end of 2008 you can tell your meter operator choose yourself. Your network operator will only continue to take care of the electricity meter if you have not commissioned another company.

If your electricity supplier does not offer a wired solution: Choose an alternative metering point operator, e.g. the company discovergy offers gateways with LAN connection.

Arrange writtenthat Radio-free data transmission via LAN cable is desired and that most of the standard integrated Radio or PLC modules completely deactivated become.

Incidentally, powerline is standard in Austria - mobile communications in Germany.


  • Provide Ethernet / LAN connections near the meter cabinet
  • As a precaution, also on the gas and water meter or the heat meter, because sooner or later they will also become "smart"