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Science and Research 03/04/2016

Contaminated water pipes: germ-centrifugation treatment units

In their latest study, French scientists tested disinfectant solutions for cleaning water pipes in dental treatment units. The frightening result: none of the cleaning agents completely removed the biofilm in the pipe system. Continue reading
Practice management 04.03.2016

Improve website performance - but how?

A successful website is essential for dental practices. Even with small changes and the use of helpful tools, the number and quality of access to your own homepage can be significantly improved. Continue reading
Lifestyle 02/26/2016

After anesthesia: "OMG, I'm Kylie Jenner!"

A new YouTube find from the series "Laughing gas overkill at the dentist": When 13-year-old Emma wakes up from anesthesia after a wisdom tooth operation at the dentist, she believes she is the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kylie Jenner . Continue reading
Industry news 02/26/2016

Anti-aging dentistry: fountain of youth teeth

A young look is still considered the ideal of beauty of our time. But instead of botox and facelifts, it is worth going to the dentist. The so-called anti-aging dentistry promises a significantly rejuvenated appearance with the help of whitening and veneers. Continue reading
Industry news 02/26/2016

Dangerous toothpaste?

For years, parabens have been suspected of interfering with the human hormonal balance and even causing cancer. Parabens are used as preservatives in various cosmetics such as toothpaste, body lotion and shaving foam. Continue reading
Industry news, February 24, 2016

When the dentist can use sign language

The web portal is one of the most important contact points nationwide when hearing-impaired or deaf people are looking for contacts with sign language skills, for example in advice centers or dental practices. Continue reading
Lifestyle 02/17/2016

After visiting the dentist: man is afraid of losing his head

After a routine caries treatment, the anesthetic still seems to have a strong effect on the American Bart: He is literally terrified of losing his head. That's why he hid a large roll of duct tape under the bedspread next to him as a precaution. Continue reading
Lifestyle 02/16/2016

On the way to becoming a digital patient? Wearables are becoming more popular

The use of health trackers, smartwatches and health apps is becoming more and more popular among the population. This was the result of a representative survey of 1,200 people recently published by Bitkom Research. Continue reading
Lifestyle 02/12/2016

Face yoga: make your face sweat

With age, the skin loses its elasticity. Instead of expensive creams, botox or cosmetic surgery, the facial muscles can be gently trained with face yoga and the overall appearance can be significantly improved. Continue reading
Lifestyle 02/05/2016

Not for vegetarians: Dental care products with bacon flavor

That can only come from England: toothpaste and dental floss with a bacon flavor. Finally an alternative for everyone who refuses extensive oral hygiene because the mint taste of many dental care products masks the delicious aromas of the previously consumed food. Continue reading
Lifestyle 02/04/2016

Delicate kissable mouths

Especially in winter, the alternation of icy temperatures and warm, dry heating air means sheer stress for our lips. Without additional care, they quickly become cracked and brittle. These tips can help prevent rough lips. Continue reading
Electronic health card 02.02.2016

The digital patient record

The technology developed by the Hamburg start-up could revolutionize communication within the healthcare system. Will the vision of the digital medical record become reality - and with it the transparent patient a reality at the same time? Continue reading
Science and Research 02/02/2016

Carieskiller black tea

Teatime! American scientists have shown in a study that the tannin catechin contained in black tea has a growth-inhibiting effect on plaque bacteria. This reduces the risk of tooth decay, the researchers report. Continue reading
Science and Research 02/02/2016

New method of treating oral cancer shortens recovery time

Canadian scientists have developed a minimally invasive treatment method to remove cancerous tumors from the mouth and throat, thus enabling the patient to recover more quickly. Continue reading
Industry news 01.02.2016

pictures say more than words

In order to facilitate linguistic communication between dentists and asylum seekers, the German Dental Association has developed a pictogram booklet. Small drawings are intended to support the dentists with the anamnesis, diagnosis and treatment. Continue reading