Inhaling compressed air is addictive

Inhalation devices for asthma, bronchitis and Co.

In the case of inhalation, either dry or liquid active ingredients or special inhalation solutions are mixed with air with the appropriate device and inhaled. When inhaling z. B. so-called powder inhalers (DPI) or metered dose aerosols (MDI) are used. Some of them can be used immediately because the drug is already held in the device, and sometimes a drug container has to be inserted in the device before the inhalation aerosol can be actively triggered and inhaled with a so-called stroke (spray burst).

These containers usually contain medicinal ingredients to dilate the bronchi or to contain inflammation. This form of inhalation is very precise in terms of dosage, but requires precise coordination of the triggering of the stroke and the simultaneous inhalation. Inhalation aids are therefore used for small children, babies or patients in need of help, which are intended to simplify this coordination. These types of inhalers require a prescription and require a pharmacy, information on how to use them can be obtained from their doctor and from the pharmacy.

In the area of ​​wet inhalation, there are different types of inhalation devices that use compressed air, ultrasound or membranes to nebulize the active ingredient into very fine droplets (particles). The different particle sizes are decisive for the success of the inhalation therapy. As a result, different types of devices can be used in inhalation therapy for a wide variety of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

Finding the right inhalation device can be a bit difficult due to the large number of devices available. The most decisive criterion for the purchase decision, however, is whether inhalation should be used in the case of an illness of the upper (nose, mouth and throat area) or the lower respiratory tract (trachea, larynx, lungs / bronchi). In principle, moist inhalation with a nebulizer is quite uncomplicated to use and is therefore also well suited for babies, toddlers and patients in need.