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Children are also actors: Jonas Hämmerle played the leading role in the film "Wickie". Here he can be seen with other actors from the film at an evening at the cinema.

An actor is someone who pretends to be someone else. He plays a role for viewers in the theater or in the film. Some people are actors as a profession, others do it in their free time. There are acting schools where you can learn to act.

Anyone who wants to become an actor has to be able to empathize with other people. He has to understand a play or a script for a film correctly. From this he learns about the person he is supposed to represent. If an actor is bad at showing emotions, the audience won't believe the role. They then see someone who is supposed to be sad, but they don't feel it.

In addition, an actor has to speak very clearly. Then it is possible for the audience to understand what he is saying - even if he is far away on a stage. Actors learn how to breathe properly and how to shape sounds. Because actors can speak so well, they often work for the radio as well.

Some actors are big stars: Those who star in Hollywood films may even be known all over the world. There are also many prizes for actors like the "Oscar" or the "Palme d'Or". Most actors have a hard time getting enough roles to make a living. Often an actor has an agent, someone who is looking for roles for him.

  • The director Rainer Werner Fassbinder and the actress Hanna Schygulla

  • The actress Judi Dench at an award ceremony

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