What is the best dictation software for writers

Hello Bernd,

b├╝chernarr wrote:I write with the computer, but with the "eagle system".

Eagles are very fast birds

That is why the idea occurred to me to use dictation software (dictate, PC writes down the spoken words).
Has anyone among you used such software?
How are the experiences with it?

I tried Dragon Natural Speaking for a while. The fact that the program is not available for Linux is only one reason why I no longer use it.

It was crucial that the detection rate was high, but not high enough. Whenever you make a mistake, you have to stop immediately and train the program. Or you leave it and hope to be able to reconstruct what was actually said later.

In practice it did not go any faster and later I was not able to restore the spoken formulations.

If you train the program diligently, it will get better and better, but you can train again with all new, complicated words and passages. That's why eroticism today and fantasy tomorrow won't work.

Then at some point I let it be. I'm now faster on the keyboard.

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