How is Shroud so good at PUBG

PUBG: Top streamer Shroud banned from game

The streamer "Shroud" rushed through "PUBG" in a flying car together with a hacker. (Image:

Anyone who uses unauthorized aids such as cheat programs in "PUBG" or cooperates with players outside their squad is thrown out. Obviously, this also applies to prominent daddlers. The well-known Twitch streamer and “PUBG” gamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek experienced this firsthand. As he himself said in a media report, he was banned from the battle royale shooter for a month. The reason for the penalty was therefore his cooperation with a cheater. Grzesiek recently teamed up in a game “PUBG” with a player who obviously used cheats to gain an unfair advantage. Together they whiz through the game world in a flying car. Grzesiek jumped off at one point and killed a player who was hiding in a building. The cheat gave him his position - a clear violation.

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PUBG: Shroud fans upset

Grzesiek's misstep spread on social networks and annoyed his fans. The streamer then publicly apologized and stated that he knew exactly what he was doing, but it was a stupid idea. At the same time he announced that he had received his sentence in the form of a one-month ban on "PUBG". It is currently unclear whether this is actually true. Neither operator PUBG Corp nor Grzesiek gave information about Shroud's status when asked by a specialist magazine. However, banishment is not unlikely. Last year, the well-known “PUBG” streamer “DrDisRespect” was also banned from playing unfairly.