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Demeter - goals, guidelines and controls

What are the goals of the Demeter Association?

Demeter companies work biodynamically, which means they work on the basis of knowledge of people and nature. Demeter regards the earth as a living organism. In the context of the Demeter certification, every company should be designed as an individual organism that is viable on its own. In this way, the aim of the Demeter Association is to create diverse ecological, cultural and social habitats for the further development of plants, animals and people. Thus, the Demeter label not only benefits the quality of the food, but also the environment.

To what extent do the Demeter Label guidelines go beyond the minimum criteria for the EU organic seal?

The association's strict guidelines are an agreement on the minimum requirements that a biodynamic farm must meet in order to obtain its Demeter certification. The guidelines go far beyond those of the EU organic seal. For example, in contrast to the organic seal, which can also be partially converted to organic, the entire farm must be managed in a biologically dynamic manner. In addition, the maximum number of animals per hectare is a lot lower than on conventional organic farms and the feed regulations are a lot stricter. For example, 100 percent of the feed must be organic. Furthermore, on Demeter farms, the painful dehorning of the cows and synthetic fertilizers are dispensed with and only those additives are permitted in processing that cannot be dispensed with. Demeter is therefore about activating natural forces for the revitalization of soil, plants, animals and thus also humans.


How do the controls work in Demeter companies?

Every year, in addition to organic controls, all Demeter farms are strictly checked for compliance with the Demeter guidelines by state-recognized, independent control bodies. In addition, the companies must take part in development talks and in various working groups. On the one hand, positive developments and opportunities, on the other hand, problem areas are examined and solutions are developed. Only then do the companies receive the authorization to market their products and products with the Demeter trademark.

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