Is Wisconsin the dairy state

Escape from the dairy state

April 8, 2017, 9:58 pm

Lunch journal, February 19, 2011

"We're broke in Wisconsin"

"This is what democracy looks like" - this is what democracy looks like: The demonstrators in front of and in the congress building in Wisconsin's capital Madison are excited: 25,000 of them have come to meet the new Governor Scott Walker, a man with tea party roots To say an opinion. Walker and his Republicans wanted to put a bill to a vote that would not only impose much higher co-payments on health insurance and pensions on state officials, but also largely restrict their right to be represented through the union by collective bargaining agreement. "We're broke in Wisconsin," says Governor Walker. "There is nothing left to negotiate. Either there will be these moderate reductions, or we will have to lay off massive numbers of people. And we really don't need that."

Drastic step

To be able to vote on a law, at least 20 senators must be present. The Republicans only have 19. The 14 Democrats then resorted to a drastic measure: They all left the state in order not to have to take part in the vote. The governor even sent the police into your leader, Mark Miller, but Mr. Miller was not there. Just like his 13 other party friends. "We had to leave the country," says the Democratic Senator Erpenbach, "to slow things down, to get the governor back to the negotiating table and so that the people are even heard."

A foretaste of the coming months

It is not known exactly where the 14 fugitive senators are. In any case, they are not in Wisconsin and since the executive power of the Wisconsin State Troopers ends at the state border, there is also an end to any possible persecution. In the meantime, President Obama, who has recently also put saving on his flag, has joined the debate: "Some of what I hear from Wisconsin sounds more like an attack on the unions," says the President.

There are similar ideas from the Republican majority in Ohio. There, too, there are already massive protests by public officials. Nothing is going on in Madison: The congress building is occupied by demonstrators, the meeting is adjourned, the senators are on the quasi-curse out of the country. A taste of what will keep the US busy in the months ahead.