How can I dispose of used binding agents

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The disposal solution for your contaminated absorber materials.

We not only deliver environmentally friendly products through specialist retailers, we also recycle or dispose of your absorber materials contaminated with waste oil and "dangerous substances".

Our nationwide take-back system in association with Hans Schmidt GmbH guarantees you compliance with legal regulations and is extremely economical and problem-free to process. The necessary collection containers are made available to the customer according to the respective hazardous substance situation and the consumption volume.

Statutory Regulations

Absorber materials that are contaminated by dangerous substances are classified as "waste requiring special monitoring".

The customer (waste producer) is responsible for his waste and is obliged to recycle it. If the customer removes waste or has it removed, he must justify in the waste balance sheet why it was not recycled.

All companies that produce more than 2,000 kg of "waste requiring special monitoring" per year must draw up a waste balance sheet and waste management.

Evidence for the whereabouts of the hazardous substances

Acceptance note based on a collective disposal certificate for recovery and disposal, if less than 20 to / p.a. incurred per AVV key at the customer. Accompanying note on the basis of proof of disposal for recycling and disposal, if more than 20 to / p.a. incurred at the customer. The customer gives a "responsible declaration" for the composition of his used non-woven cloths and binding agents in accordance with the AVV code.