Is it dangerous to drive next to a large truck?

Beware of trucks: schoolchildren are invisible in the "blind spot"

Despite modern rear and side mirrors, every vehicle has areas that the driver cannot see: the blind spot. "A truck driver cannot see the entire area to the right of the vehicle and directly in front of it. That means that a large part around the truck is simply invisible to him," explains R + V expert Berendt. This is particularly dangerous when turning right. Here the students can easily get under the wheels.

In addition, the blind spot is difficult to understand for children. "Parents therefore have to find patience and time to make the danger clear to them, preferably several times at a time and by trying out," says Matthias Berendt. When the children get behind the wheel, the parents can "hide" and mark these spots. That makes the blind spot tangible.

Further tips from the R + V information center:

  • When practicing on the way to school, show which parts and situations are particularly critical. Above all, this includes crossing roads.
  • Large vehicles take up a lot of space. Children should also be aware of this. You shouldn't stop right next to a truck or bus and make sure no one wants to turn before crossing the street.
  • Make it clear to the children that if they can't see the driver, he can't see them either. You should therefore make eye contact with the driver whenever possible.
  • Some trucks are marked with a blind spot sign: Make children aware of this.
  • The police and the traffic watch hold events in schools on the subject of blind spots. It is best for parents to speak to the school management about this.