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The Saviors are a huge organization of survivors appearing in Season 6 of AMCsthe Walking Dead were introduced. While under Negan's leadership, they served as the main antagonists for the second half of Season 6 and all of Seasons 7 and 8. After a brief war with the defeat of the Saviors and Negan, the Milliz declares peace. The community is home to over 500 members, soldiers and workers, as well as families and children who live in the sanctuary.


The Saviors are a group of survivors with the goal of restoring civilization to the world. However, they do so by practicing murder and brutality to force other communities of survivors (like Hilltop) to provide a steady stream of food and other goods.

They also have a reputation for being ruthless and uncompromising. They do not use the scorched earth technique used by the wolves, and there is no evidence that they are cannibals like the people of Terminus.

The Saviors (or at least their leader) are even against rape, according to one of their members. However, their violence is still extreme: on several occasions they have beaten people to death and a group has taken Polaroid-style photos of their victims. One known victim is a 16-year-old boy who was beaten to death for the purpose of extorting bondage to the Hilltop community.

Negan is notorious for this particular method of execution because he always carries "Lucille", a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, with him.

However, the Saviors tend to kill few people as Negan views them as a resource. They kill one person to get their point across so that the remaining people will work for them. Negan believes that by killing one person he will save hundreds. An example of the Saviors killing few people is when Negan only executed Abraham and Glenn when Alexandria killed dozen of Saviors. However, they have been known to kill large numbers of people when a group does not cooperate, they have executed every man and boy over ten in a community for resisting

Most Saviors are shown to be sociopaths: they show no remorse about killing others, and neither do they show satisfaction (although some show signs of sadism, namely Jared and David). There are still reasonable members like Gavin, who sincerely respects Ezekiel and recognizes that the kingdom was good for them. Additionally, many Saviors see themselves as hardened survivors and often insist that Rick's group is not morally superior, especially given the large number of Saviors they have killed.

It is common for Saviors to shoot a person when they encounter a group of strangers on the street before they steal supplies from the others.

While some individual Saviors may not be particularly dangerous, as each member of Rick's group was able to conquer multiple Saviors fairly easily, they are a staggering number that allows them to overpower other groups and use psychological warfare Scale.

The Saviors are the largest group of survivors in the series, numbered in the hundreds, with their main base in an area called The Sanctuary, although the bulk of their forces are not found there but are divided into smaller groups at various outposts across the region.

In order to avoid avoiding retaliation, the Saviors tend to institute a policy of disarmament for the subjected communities.

Negan has created a cult of personality around them, and so many Saviors refer to themselves as "Negan".

Government and society

The Saviors have a well structured hierarchy. At the top of the power structure is Negan, whose will is carried out by his lieutenants. Simon is the deputy commander and also retains power over the lieutenants. He takes responsibility for the submission of communities that show resistance to their rule. All lieutenants, including Simon, form part of a governing council led by Negan who acts as the government for the community. As from "The Big Scary U", Simon, Dwight, Eugene, Gavin and Regina are all shown to hold seats on Negan's council. When Simon called a meeting in Negan's absence, Arat and Gary are shown in the room that was present, but they have no seat at the table.

The lieutenants themselves lead missions and have additional advantages in the sanctuary. Among the lieutenants are the "soldiers" who play the role of scouts, executors and guards. Among the soldiers are non-combatants who work for points in exchange for supplies and comfort.

Any woman who finds Negan attractive can pretend to be a woman to avoid the point system. At the bottom are the prisoners, identified by a letter painted on their shirts.

Before the breakout

Her life prior to the outbreak is largely unknown. It is likely that many of them lived in the Virginia / Maryland area and some of them were criminals or part of a gang.

In the series

Season 6

"Who has the choice"

When the Saviors first appear, a group of them wait in ambush to catch three escaped members: Dwight, Sherry, and Tina. Instead, they see Daryl Dixon on his motorcycle and a car with Sasha Williams and Abraham Ford and ambush them instead. At least three of them open up with assault rifles; they then track in vehicles.

Two of them in a green limousine are shot by Sasha and Abraham. Elsewhere, Daryl is separated from his friends, falls and injures his arm, but gets back on his bike and races off. Two Saviors in a red limousine accidentally wreck their car near some zombies in their pursuit, and other Saviors in a gray jeep completely lose sight of Daryl.

Daryl soon meets Dwight, Sherry and Tina, who consider Daryl a savior and imprison him for some time. Daryl is with them when they are confronted by Saviors Wade, Cam, and at least two others in the charred forest. From his hiding place, Daryl lures Cam into the vicinity of a zombie, which bites the man's arm. Wade chops off Cam's arm to save his life, then calls off the search for Dwight and the women, saying that their leader "just wanted to get this far, and he just wants the ass that is willing".

After Tina's death, Dwight and Sherry make the decision to return to the Saviors and force Daryl to hand over his motorcycle and crossbow before they leave.

"Not the end"

Later that day, Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are stopped in the street by eight heavily armed Saviors on motorcycles. Their leader orders them to get out and give them their weapons. When they ask him why, he says, "Your property now belongs to Negan."

"In the trap"

Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are pushed out of their truck and disarmed by the Saviors on motorbikes. The leader of the group fights them verbally, announces that everything they own now belongs to Negan and sends one of his lackeys named T. with Daryl onto the back of the truck.

The leader continues his strained exchanges with Sasha and Abraham, but when he finally moves to shoot them, he and the other Saviors are blown to pieces in a sudden, fiery explosion. As Sasha and Abraham collect their skills, they discover that it was Daryl who quietly killed T. behind the truck and then opened fire with an RPG. One of these men was the friend of another Savior named Michelle.


Two months later, The Saviors think one of Hilltop's "drops" is too easy, kill two of its residents and take a hostage named Craig. They then give Craig's brother Ethan an ultimatum to kill Hilltop's leader Gregory in exchange for Craig's safe release.

During the scuffle that ensues, Rick Grimes, the leader of another community whose group wants to start trading with the Hilltop, kills Ethan and saves Gregory. Rick, Maggie Rhee, and the other visitors from the Alexandria Safe Zone learn about the horrific crimes committed by the Saviors, including beating a boy named Rory.

When they heard the name "Negan" they realized that the dangerous men Daryl had to kill on the street with an RPG were Saviors. They believe it is only a matter of time before they discover and target Alexandria, so Rick suggests a preemptive strike. Soon, Maggie negotiates with Gregory, with the Alexandria fighters agreeing to wipe out the Saviors completely in exchange for supplies.

"The night before morning"

With the help of Andy, a Hilltop resident who has settled in the Saviors' base, Rick organizes a raid. The element of surprise is key; Your goal is to capture the Saviors armory. Most of Rick's fighters, Jesus and Andy from Hilltop, and a few "native" Alexandria residents attend. Before dawn, Andy receives a decapitated head of a zombie resembling Gregory to distract the guards.

Andy parks off-site: when he shows them his head, he claims he's there to fulfill their deal, to safely free Craig. The guards believe him and someone goes in to take Craig out. Daryl sneaks up from behind and smashes the neck of the first guard. A moment later the second guard (with Craig) appears, but is impaled by Michonne. The group then quietly raves about the connection.

Rick finds a sleeping Saviors and kills him in his sleep as planned (by stabbing him in the head). Glenn Rhee and Heath also find themselves in a room with two sleeping Saviors. With great reluctance and obvious emotional turmoil, Glenn stabs you dead; This is the first time he has killed a living person.

Heath is immobilized by the task in front of him, but Glenn intervenes and kills the other sleeping man as well. You'll see a series of Polaroid-style photos on the wall depicting individuals the Saviors killed. They all have their faces and heads that are cruelly smashed into completely unrecognizable pulp.

Still in the silence, Sasha and Abraham find a locked door, believing it could be the armory. While they are trying to open it, a Savior sneaks up on them to stab them. Sasha repeatedly stabs the man, but he manages to pull the fire alarm.

A furious shootout begins.

With his assault rifle, Rick shoots down three men who attack to join the fight. Aaron closes behind a door, but is attacked by a savior, whom he stabs to death. Aaron then opens the door and surprises a second, greater Savior, who turns to open fire on Aaron but is shot through the head by Rosita Espinosa herself.

Outside the compound, a man and woman try to escape, but Tara Chambler kills the woman and injures the other with her gun. Inside again, the melee escalates: Sasha shoots a man, Daryl hits another with the butt of his shotgun, and Glenn and Heath sprint for their lives into the armory with Saviors in direct pursuit. Glenn and Heath close the armory door as bullets perforate it, then blindly return fire. When they open the door, there are at least six bodies that are right on the doorstep.

One of them gets upset unexpectedly and aims a pistol, but before he can shoot he is killed by Jesus. Outside, the gray-haired Savior, who was injured by Tara, is confronted and finally shot by father Gabriel Stokes.

At sunrise, at least 24 Saviors are dead. While their attackers have suffered psychological damage, they have no deaths or serious injuries of their own. Suddenly a lonely survivor named Primo tries to escape. Rosita shoots him from the motorcycle, which Daryl recognizes as his own. When they interrogate the captured Savior, they receive a threatening message about an invisible woman who has captured Carol Peletier and Maggie.

"In the same boat"

During the nightly raid on the property, Carol and Maggie stood outside. A savior named Donnie spotted her and attacked, but Carol shot first and hit him in the arm. However, they were immediately captured by three Saviors: Molly, Michelle, and their leader Paula.

The four remaining Saviors look at each other in disappointment when their friend Primo is captured near the compound. After a tense conversation with Rick over the radio, Paula discovers that they have been beaten and flees with her two prisoners. She sends a scout group of more Saviors as a backup and travels to a safe house that she describes as "the turning point".

The Er Saviors' safe house turns out to be a slaughterhouse infested with wild zombies. Donnie is in excruciating pain when Carol's shot dies and his hysteria unsettles the group.

Carol begins an extremely compelling ruse to look like a helpless, weak, religious person and she reveals that Maggie is pregnant. So effective is her plan that Paula mocks her beliefs, while another kidnapper, Michelle, even asks Molly to smoke her cigarettes in another room (so as not to harm Maggie's fetus from secondhand smoke). Paula rightly suspects Rick and his group may have been chasing them, but plans to fight to the death when they arrive. Maggie refuses to tell Michelle where her home is in order to protect Alexandria. She learns that Michelle's friend was one of the men killed by Daryl's RPG attack.

Carol and Maggie escape their bonds and find out that Donnie died from his wound. They tie up his corpse so that after he turns into a zombie, he will bite the first kidnapper to walk through the door. That turns out to be Molly brutally killing Maggie with gun whips. In a hallway, Maggie and Carol are stopped in their trail by a booby trap of immobilized zombies.

Paula arrives and, after seeing Donnie and Molly both dead, bullets run out trying to shoot them. Carol has the drop on her, but is disturbed and asks Paula just to turn around and leave. Michelle arrives and tries to stab Maggie, forcing Carol to kill her. In the end, Paula Carol rushes and they fight near the zombies. Paula is eventually impaled with a spear and a zombie bites a sizable part of her face as she screams in pain.

When the Saviors scout group arrives to meet Paula, Carol imitates Paula's voice and lures her into the slaughterhouse battlefield. There Carol closes the group (consisting of at least 4 men and 1 woman) and burns them all with one of Molly's cigarettes in a gasoline trap. Exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed, Carol and Maggie finally meet Glenn, Rick and the others.

Rick confirms to his prisoner Primo that all of the other Saviors are dead. He asks one last time if Negan was one of the men who killed them. In a statement similar to Paula and Molly's earlier, Primo says that he is Negan and tries to keep talking, but Rick interrupts by immediately executing Primo.

"No tracks"

A week goes by as things normalize in Alexandria. Since Rick and the others killed almost double the number of the Saviors seen on the hill, they assume that the Savior's threat has been removed.

While several Alexandrians are on supply runs, a group of 12 Saviors led by Dwight holds Eugene Porter off-screen and then ambushes Daryl, Rosita and Denise Cloyd on train tracks. Denise is instantly killed by Dwight, who operates Daryl's crossbow and is now scarred on almost half of his face, suggesting punishment.

They reveal that Eugene is their hostage, and Dwight demands that they cooperate and allow his group to raid the Alexandria Safe Zone. Dwight complains about the kick of the crossbow, explaining that he is not aiming at Denise (meaning his target was Daryl). He recognizes Daryl and is ungrateful for the help Daryl provided during their first encounter. Eugene spots Abraham on some barrels nearby and reveals his position with the Saviors. While they are distracted, Eugene suddenly bites Dwight in the crotch.

A shootout ensues in which Abraham shoots two Er Saviors, Daryl smashes another's neck, and Rosita shoots one who is chasing Abraham. Outdone, Dwight cries out for retreat. He escapes with four surviving Saviors, but not before shooting Eugene. Eugen's wound turns out to be non-fatal, and the Alexandria group is able to find Denise's body within its walls and bury it.


When she escapes from Alexandria, a small group of Saviors, led by Jiro, stops Carol on the street. After pleading with them, Carol, who had a gun sewn into the sleeve of her coat, had to shoot them all. You survive and charge her, but Carol stabbed her with a spear from her car.

Jiro also tries to kill Carol by hiding behind the car, he attacks her with his knife but she manages to get a shot in his chest, he is eventually killed by Rick who stabs him in the head after not telling him about Carol's position. Only one is still confirmed to be alive and he is on his way. Rick realizes that not only are the Saviors dangerously close to Alexandria, but they are far more numerous than previously thought.

Dwight and the Saviors from the previous day manage to catch Glenn and Michonne who are looking for Daryl, who was looking for Dwight to avenge Denise's death. After Daryl was unable to rescue Glenn and Michonne from captivity, Dwight shot him in the shoulder. Rosita, who decided to go with Daryl, is also captured by Dwight's group.

"The last day on earth"

A group of 8 Saviors, led by Simon, murder a group of survivors from a library who tried to fight back. They chase after the lonely survivor and surround him in the forest.

They beat him and dragged him across the street while letting him know that he will set an example. Rick's group meets these Saviors while she is taking Maggie to the doctor in Hilltop, and Simon tells them to give them their supplies. Confident that he has the situation under control, Rick mocks the Saviors by deferring their request on them. With neither side willing to negotiate, Rick's group leaves and they try to take alternative routes, but each time they are stopped by larger and larger groups of Saviors (8 to 16 to 40+) and the roadblocks become more laborious and indicative of their huge manpower .

The last roadblock is made of large burning logs. While they ponder their next move, the library survivor is hanged from a nearby flyover and Simon verbally intimidates Rick, who is quite shaken by the time.

Elsewhere, Roman, the surviving Saviors of Carol's attack, holds Carol's rosary and follows the racecourses. He later finds Carol and torments her by shooting her and waiting for her to bleed to death.Morgan arrives and after refusing to surrender, shoots Roman to death and breaks his code never to kill a living human again

After abandoning their vehicle as bait with Eugene, Saviors Rick and Co. whistled and hid in a group of over 100 Saviors whose whistling turned into a deafening noise. A beaten Eugene kneels on the floor. Simon notices that Carl has one of their guns and he uses it to point at the group when they are told to kneel.

The "man himself" leaves the RV and introduces himself as Negan and explains to Rick that half of his supplies are his and that this is the "new world order". Negan explains that he will punish Rick and the group for killing so many of his people. Negan orders the Savors to cut out Carl's other eye and give it to Rick if anyone moves or speaks as he slowly selects a member of Rick's group to be beaten to death with Lucille, a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat.

Season 7Season 9




No fighters / workers / prisoners

  • Tanya (gardener / ex-wife)
  • Frankie (gardener / ex-wife)
  • Amber (ex-wife)
  • Potter (former worker)
  • Gina (former worker / vendor)
  • José (former worker)
  • Brooke (former worker)
  • John (former worker)
  • Todd
  • Emmett Carson
  • Maria
  • Savior 5
  • At least 2 unnamed "wives" (formerly)
  • At least 2 unnamed prisoners (Formerly)
  • At least 51 unnamed workers (Formerly)


Victims killed







  • According to Robert Kirkman, who gave his description of this group - (In English) "I think the Saviors are dangerously organized. The wolves were psychotic, the hunters had many weaknesses. When it comes to the Saviors and Negan in particular, like me 'I've always thought in the comics that it's a group led by a man who took his morals a few clicks from Rick to the darker aspects of his personality, but is still an intellectual and capable leader, who kept his group alive Against all odds, as long as Rick has it, it really is best to meet the best. When these two forces meet, things will get interesting. This is a very different group than ever before The Saviors are a group they're not really prepared for. "
  • It seems that the Saviors use some kind of whistle to threaten and play with the people they are trying to blackmail.
  • The Saviors are the largest group to date on the series; with well over 300 members.
  • The Saviors are the longest recurring antagonistic group on The Walking Dead.
  • The Saviors killed the largest amount of living survivors than any other antagonistic group encountered on the series.