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Website relaunch & redesign

Relaunch and redesign - taking advantage of online opportunities and avoiding risks

Successful companies regularly ask themselves whether their current website can stand up to the competition. Rapid technical progress and changed economic conditions increase the pressure. A systematic inventory is essential. At the latest, falling access numbers and practical problems with outdated pages require concrete action. In addition to developing clear goals for a redesign or relaunch of the website, it is imperative to avoid the dangers that are often underestimated and to find a professional cooperation partner for the implementation. As a web design agency, we are at your disposal in the event of an upcoming relaunch of your web project and we will find the optimal solution for you.

Your advantages at a glance


Optimal user-friendliness and handling - so the visitor can find exactly what he is looking for with just a few clicks.


The first impression of the website counts - therefore a contemporary and individual design is essential.


An optimized website noticeably enhances the image. The web is and will remain an essential success factor for customer acquisition.

The right measures for the respective needs

Rebrush / facelift

The first step is to determine the appropriate scope of work. In the event of a rebrush, the basic structure and technical background of the pages remain unchanged. You get a fresh outfit and newly arranged content improves the overview as well as the access for search engines. The form of "beautifying" comes close to the well-known term "facelift".


The graphic redesign of the structure, the colors and the font aims to change the appearance of the website. This redesign takes over existing content or simply adapts it to the circumstances. Functional improvements - such as switching to a content management system (e.g. Joomla !, Wordpress, etc.) for previously static pages - make sense. Further effects are aimed at optimized recording by search engines. We recommend reviewing a redesign in detail every two to three years.


A relaunch also means serious changes in all areas of the website. It includes structures, content, visual aspects as well as technical adjustments with changed URLs, page titles and connected databases. The relaunch opens up many opportunities to position a company much better in the market. The complex project requires considerable expertise in order to rule out serious errors with economic disadvantages.

An experienced web design agency can discuss the right measure for you in advance and reliably advise you on the various options.

Good reasons for a relaunch

In addition to the falling number of accesses or leads, other important motives lead to a relaunch.


  • realign themselves and their goals,
  • expand the range,
  • upgrade their image or
  • react to the behavior of customers.

The needs of users - such as intelligent navigation - do not always receive the necessary attention. Constantly offering added value and making modern functions available is a high requirement. People expect a contemporary service on the Internet that uses the innovations of today's technologies.

For example, “responsive web design” with easy access to readable and quickly structured content via mobile devices is indispensable. At the same time, optimized pages increase the presence in the new media. They noticeably enhance the image as well as the products and services of companies. The web as a business card and the primary instrument for acquiring customers remains a key success factor. Ultimately, the positive effect of a relaunch on sales is one of the decisive arguments.

Therefore, it is important to work with a web design agency that has both the capacity and the know-how to advise you comprehensively and to bring your website up to date at regular intervals.

chances and risks

A relaunch brings companies significant advantages - over and above the reasons for optimizing their online presence. The convincing technical performance and an attractive, modern layout make it stand out from the competition. Text-based and extended content with images, videos and downloads increase the visibility for search engines.

Interaction with users is easier and leads to more leads. With simple menu navigation and effective instructions for action (“call to action”), the number of potential customers is growing. In addition, individual websites tailored to local conditions, for example, reach specific target markets much more easily.

On the other hand, the dangers for online marketing in unprofessional work should not be underestimated. The total number of hits on pages that have been easy to find up to now threatens to decrease. Investments in the areas of SEO, technical innovations or off-page measures may lose their value.

Programming errors, incomplete forwarding of addresses (“redirecting”) and other bugs have a negative effect on the ranking on Google and Co. In addition, the number of “404 error messages” due to unreachable pages increases. Simply copying existing content is problematic when machines subsequently classify it as old content with no added value.

After all, the important backlinks to other online portals no longer work in the event of errors. Professionals prevent this and know how to get the URLs for new product pages in the right place. Specialists know the pitfalls and deal with risks conscientiously. It is crucial for success to carefully plan the relaunch and have it professionally implemented by a selected web design agency.

Technical expertise helps to achieve sustainable success

The relaunch of a website regularly requires extensive preparatory work. This includes the analysis of the current situation and the need for improvements to be derived in detail. The target groups are to be checked with regard to their correct addressing. It is important to evaluate their actual actions before making a purchase. Professionals use a wide range of tools and obtain reliable data on consumer behavior. In addition, they question customers and find the existing weaknesses.

Knowing about the needs of customers makes it possible to tailor the content according to their wishes. The focus is less on a presentation of your own company, but takes into account the specific expectations of the user. The resulting strategy with regard to the content forms the basis for a meaningful information structure.

With a well thought-out menu, the navigation leads logically and intuitively to the desired behavior of visitors. Only after all questions about structure and content have been clear, the layout can begin. In addition to the aesthetics, experts pay attention to the corporate design and how images, colors or symbols work. A chic appearance on its own - without linking it to high-quality content and skilful navigation - leads nowhere. The user-friendly elements must not be inferior to the visual aspects of an attractive design.


A strategically prepared relaunch opens up many additional options for companies and regularly improves their chances over the competition.

Rashly and not professionally supervised action sometimes has consequences, the consequences of which are difficult to remedy. Experts who comprehensively assess all risks and efficiently exploit the existing potential help on the way to the perfect Internet presence.

As an experienced web design agency, we cater to your individual needs, advise you on the possible options and implement your project optimally.

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