What does spoiler alert mean

What does "spoiler" mean? Explanation and definition


A friend is upset and tells you that you just spoiled him and you don't even know what a spoiler is? Netzwelt explains it to you.

This means spoiler:

The term spoiler comes from English and is derived from "to spoil". That means "to spoil something". In German, a spoiler is spoiler information. It is about information that reveals details of a series, a film or another medium before another person could consume the medium. Most of the time this happens accidentally or to annoy someone.

The term appears frequently in media reports when spoiler warnings are issued. So when elements from TV series or films are included. This notice advises the reader that he / she continues reading at his / her own risk. Nevertheless, such reports are very popular and can therefore be found frequently on the Internet.

Examples of spoilers:

  • Harry Potter: Snape kills Dumbledore
  • Game of Thrones: Ned Stark is beheaded
  • Pretty Little Liars: A is CeCe Drake
  • Gossip Girl: Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl

Since many people are spoiled on social media, there is now, for example, the "Keyword Snooze" function on Facebook. Facebook users can enter certain words that are put on a kind of blacklist for 30 days. If you wrote, for example, "Game of Thrones", all posts and news about it were filtered out of your own timeline and therefore not displayed.

Have you come across other series terms or Inet abbreviations on the WWW that you do not know? Post the terms and abbreviations in our comments. Netzwelt will be happy to help you find the meaning.

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