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Gaming study: PC only in third place in Germany

Panagiotis Kolokythas

More and more Germans are playing, but the PC platform is becoming less popular. This is shown by a new study by the game association.

EnlargePCs are now only the third most popular platform for gaming

The number of gamers in Germany increased significantly in 2018. At the same time, the number of PC gamers is falling: PCs are only the third most popular gaming platform. In 2016, PCs were still the most popular platform for games. This emerges from the study that game - the association of the German games industry - published on Tuesday. The study is based on data from the market research company GfK.

According to the study, a total of 18.6 million Germans played on a smartphone in 2018, 16.7 million on a game console, 13.4 million on a PC and 10.9 million on a tablet. Compared to the previous year, the number of smartphone players rose by 400,000, the number of console players by as much as 700,000, while the number of PC players fell significantly by almost 4 million.

The PC platform was last in the lead in 2016 with 17.4 million players and was then overtaken by smartphones in the following year. With 10.9 million players, tablets were also used for games by 600,000 fewer people last year than in the previous year.

In total, over 34 million Germans play computer and video games. The average age is 36.4 years, according to the study.

"Whether young or old, woman or man: Within a few years the smartphone has become the most popular game platform among Germans," explains game managing director Felix Falk, adding: "The high availability, the wide range of free games and the huge number of games The variety of titles has allowed the market for game apps to grow strongly and has thus driven the entire games market in recent years. "

The German games market grew by 9 percent in 2018 and sales of 4.4 billion euros were made with games and game hardware. This corresponds to an increase of 400 million compared to the previous year. The turnover with games on smartphones and tablets overtook all other platforms. Game apps and in-app purchases generated sales of around 1.5 billion euros in 2018. Game consoles generated sales of around 1.3 billion euros with games, in-game purchases, subscriptions and online services. 659 million euros were earned on the PC.

"The biggest growth drivers were fees for online services, the turnover of which almost doubled within one year to 353 million euros (+97 percent). The market segment for in-game purchases, which also includes in-app purchases, is also there grew by 28 percent to 1.9 billion euros and thus made a significant contribution to growth, "says the study.