Why do dogs die faster than humans

The legend of the rainbow bridge
On this side of the sky begins a bridge called the Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been particularly closely connected to a person in this world, it enters this rainbow bridge that shines in all colors - and finds its paradise in the hereafter: meadows and hills and valleys and forests - for each of our beloved friends the right environment, and they run and play carefree with each other. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends feel warm and secure. All animals that left the earth old and sick get their youth and health back, the injured or mutilated animals become strong and whole again - just as we kept them in our hearts in our memories of the past happy days.
The animals are happy and content - with the exception of one "small thing": each of them misses someone - a person they had to leave behind. And so they play and romp with each other day after day - until suddenly one of them stops and looks into the distance.
His shining eyes become alert, the body begins to shake. Then suddenly he breaks away from the group, flies over the green grass, getting faster and faster. He has discovered YOU, and when you meet you will celebrate a happy reunion and know that nothing can separate you again. You kiss happily, you stroke the head you have loved again and again, look deep into these eyes, which have been separated from your life for so long, but have never disappeared from your heart. And then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together
... Author unknown from the American © for this German translation: Herbert E. A. Bangen

Last request from a dog
I am once worn out, frail and weak,
And excruciating suffering keeps me awake.
What you have to do then, do it all by yourself,
the final battle will be lost and won.

I understand that you are very sad now,
but your strength should not hesitate now.
That day more than ever happened
our friendship must now endure the hardest.

We lived in years full of life, joy and happiness,
But here and now, there is no turning back.
You don't want me to suffer
So please release my body now.
Accompany me where I have to go now
And please stay with me until the hard end.
Hold me tight and tell me
Until my eyes close and I come to rest
In time you will know
it was your love that you showed me.
Wave my familiar one last time
You set me free from pain and agony.
And don't worry if you are one day
the Lord of this decision, which is death.
We were both intimately united in love
I don't want your heart to cry for me
Your life goes on from now on without me
But I am with you, I will not forget you.

Author unknown