Why don't you let your feelings show

Does he really love me | Why men don't show feelings

Friendzone? Sex zone? Lovezone? You have probably asked yourself several times if your favorite man actually loves you or if only friendship or purely sexual attraction push him near you. This article will give you our top signs of whether he honestly and sincerely loves you.

The typical brooding over the question "Does he love me?" and "Does he really love me“Can become a repetitive inner mantra on sleepless nights and drive you almost crazy.

Especially if your relationship is past the first phase of falling in love, your question is more than legitimate. After all, you are gradually taking off your rose-tinted glasses when dealing with your boyfriend and your relationship has to face reality. Clarity about your partner's feelings is very important.

So don't just ask yourself if he loves you, look carefully.

If you have been looking for an answer to the love question with the classic daisy test "he loves me - he doesn't love me“Are you satisfied, we have suggestions here with slightly less random results for a love test. You can approach the matter a little more systematically.

There are some signs that are very reliable and tell you something about the emotional state of the other person. The prerequisite for this is that you know how to read it. We'll make that easier for you now.

Does he love me?

Learn to read your loved one here. Even if every man is individual, there are some typical behaviors and gestures that reveal a loving attitude. Please do not despair if your partner shows only a few signs of love. Leave space here for personal preferences, individual character traits and for your development as a couple.

Some loving men now and then need a clear indication of what is particularly important to you as a proof of love. Also, remember that loving is not a one-way street. If you can read the signs, your partner can probably too. In addition, you don't love the same way every day, there is movement in your relationship. We hope so for you anyway.

He who loves has time.

Yes, there are these phases when you are both very busy. As an adult, you also have a life outside of yourself Love relationship. This can mean that in times of intense external demands you cannot spend as much time together as in more relaxed phases of life.

However, if your partner has serious feelings of love for you, he will at least reserve smaller time windows for you in these phases, or he will always plan the next meeting with you. He can't help it. He will most likely not only free up time for you, but also require you to spend time together.

You can clearly feel that togetherness in the relationship and especially your hours together are very important to him. If he really doesn't have any time for you, you will still hear from him on a regular basis.

Who loves, likes it tender and intimate.

Closely connected to your time together is also the space that you are for Caresses and intimacies give. A loving man will demand this for himself and be ready at any time to grant it on his part. Intimate hours are an important aspect of the relationship for both of you.

He who loves listens.

Admittedly, it can be very exhausting for him when you now, for what feels like the tenth time, enthusiastically tell about your last girls' evening and your friend Petra's botched karaoke show. Even if you keep coming back to your boss's familiar quirks in your conversations, it can strain your friend's patience. As a loving man, he will still listen to you.

You can tell whether he is really listening to you or just pretending to be by the fact that days or weeks later he still knows what you were talking about. Listening also includes asking questions. A man shows you his Feelings of love also by asking more closely in conversation and showing interest. Sometimes his affection is also shown in a simple but serious "How are you?„.

Loving always comes with mindfulness. So if you are particularly quiet on a bad hair day, your loved one will want to know what is bothering you. But please don't question his love if he doesn't quite understand why your hairstyle makes you so depressed.

If you love, you sometimes get stuck back.

There is likely a misunderstanding or two between the two of you. You argue sometimes. Observe his dispute behavior and you can clearly see how your loved one feels about you.

Can he give in once too?

Does he apologize to you when he has wronged you?
Most importantly, can he forgive you if you overshot the mark in the heat of the moment?

Loving makes your loved one patient and tolerant. He will not deny himself, but in the end he will be understanding and open-minded towards you even in an argument. Most importantly, he won't always accuse you of the worst of intentions when, in truth, you may have just got yourselves wrong.

The best thing about your disputes will be that your loving partner always insists on a particularly intimate reconciliation. Yes exactly this kind by reconciliation we mean.

He who loves takes care of you.

It's often the little things that do real tokens of love are. He brings you your favorite ice cream from the Italian around the corner after work. He is ready to do the washing up in the evening for the third time, even though you have agreed to a real division of labor. But he feels how tired you are today and really wants to make you happy. These small gestures and favors are finely scattered confessions of love that you can perceive as such.

He who loves shares.

He not only shares his interests, his time and his family with you, but also makes you - perhaps step by step - a part of his whole life. That means that he gives you a future together and talks about it. Yes, more and more often he can endure your stressful father on Sundays, who emphasizes that he would have preferred the son of his colleague to be his daughter's partner. When your boyfriend starts sharing his or her life with you, it is a very special kind of appreciation.

Who loves becomes clear.

Three simple words. "I love you.“Your often taciturn, quiet lover can pronounce them. It doesn't have to happen every day, but it can happen once. Sometimes you will have to wait a bit for these words.

However, you can trust the magic words to a particularly high degree if your partner does not use them excessively. He means what he says if he doesn't tell you 27 times every Sunday "Ti amo"Whispers in the ear, but the"I love you“Comes along with quiet seriousness and you didn't expect it at all.

Your partner does nothing at all of what we have described here? Maybe he doesn't love you. But maybe he has very individual ways to show you his feelings and loves you in his own way. So stay open to that special guy by your side who doesn't exist a second time. Those who love remain true to themselves and let the other into their world with all its colors.

Or as Nena sings it:

Love doesn't want
Love doesn't fight
Love won't
love is
Love does not seek
Love doesn't ask
Love is the way you are

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