WW3 is avoidable

Prophecy: "The Third World War will be triggered in the Balkans"

To this day there are numerous stories and legends about the German Alois Irlmaier, which say that he could see into the future.

It is said that after the Second World War, Irlmaier helped many people find their relatives. He was even on trial for witchcraft, but was released after learning details of what happened that one without clairvoyance could not know.

According to his prophecies, the Third World War is imminent. This is inevitable and would be carried out in the Mediterranean countries and the Middle East. And everything should start with a murder in the Balkans.

Irlmaier cites a war in the Middle East as a portent, which is intensifying. Sea powers would try to fight a great enemy in the Mediterranean. Even if everyone would work for peace, the situation is more than tense.

1. First comes prosperity like never before!
2. Then follows an apostasy like never before.
3. A moral corruption like never before.
4. Then a large number of strangers came into the country.
5. There is great inflation. The money is losing more and more of its value.
6. The revolution soon follows.
7. Then the Russians attack the west overnight.

Igniting spark in the Balkans
“Two men kill the third high-ranking man, they have been paid by other people. One of the murderers is a short black man, the other a little taller with light hair. I think it will be in the Balkans, but I can't say exactly. "

“After the murder of the third party, it starts overnight. The killers get along with them, but then it's dusty. I can clearly see three numbers, two eights and a nine. "

“I don't know what that means, I can't say for a while. But the spark that actually ignites is thrown into the powder keg in the Balkans: I see a 'big one' falling, a bloody dagger lies next to it. "

Exact date of the third world war?
As with many other prophecies, Irlmaier did not give an exact date. According to experts, the two eights and one nine mentioned above can be interpreted as follows: In their opinion, the Third World War will take place from August 18. until 09.09. last for.

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