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NN writes:

I read your comments on the "search for the wonderful" with great interest, because I have been dealing with such questions for years.


The starting point for me was the book by Alan Watts "The Illusion of the Self". In the last year I have dealt intensively with Advaita and have "played around" a bit in the Satsang scene.

Ultimately - even in continuation of your explanations - there cannot be us either, i.e. YOU are ME and I am YOU.

((Yes, yes. We are all one. But we have this ego. Denying it only pushes it into the unconscious and makes it stronger. So all that remains is to bring the ego under control.
This does not happen with willpower, i.e. energy, but with insight into how it works.
To get the insight, one has to set one's intention to understand who one is, how one (es the ego) functions.
(Intention is also "will" but not "willPOWER".)

The insight / awareness then gradually leads to the realization that YOU are also ME, but that does not dissolve one.
I still exist - only in an expanded form. At least that's how I see it.))

We are all virtual images of a single soul content. Watts expressed this at the beginning of his book in the form of a "children's story" and writes in it that God in all forms only plays hide and seek with himself. And because he is God, he plays the game so well that sometimes he "forgets" that it is himself he is hiding behind. Etc. Etc.

((Yes, we are like God in our essence. Bible: "And God created man in his image".
It is too humanly thought to conclude that because we have a body, God also has a body. And God accordingly shaped our body after his body.
The reverse is correct: God has unlimited creative and creative power. So we have that too. Everyone creates their own cosmos, lives in their own reality. What you decide becomes a reality for you.

But in order not to go astray you should first recognize who you are and - who you are not -.

One of those earlier decisions was arguably that game of hide and seek.
We have been playing this hide and seek game with us for eons.
Read from Walsh: Conversations with God. ISBN 3-442-30737-6))

I see it that way too, but with this idea I've completely lost the ground under my feet. What I considered to be certain knowledge (absurd to consider anything to be "certain" at all!) Has completely disappeared from me.

((Good. That is a sign that the old beliefs have lost their influence. The chick has to peck through the bowl in which it grew up.

And what exactly has "secured" knowledge got lost? Make a list, belief after belief that got lost. If you want send me this list.

Then a goal has to be found. What do you want? What do you love? What would you be willing to spend time, money, energy on without you regretting it? If you have a goal, all things are based on it, but it should be YOUR goal.

Take your time (days, weeks, months), but don't forget what you wanted to do.

There is no reliable knowledge, as all knowledge / all data are derived from premises / stable data / evidence. And these premises are WANTED.
That means, because I want something, I set myself a premise (or take a suitable one from my environment, knowingly or unknowingly) and then experience the mental conclusions from it, and from these my external reality is formed.

So you shouldn't look for secured knowledge, but set goals - what you love - and then look for the ideas / thoughts that appear suitable for the realization of these goals.

See, everything is upside down here. You start from a given reality from which you have to adapt more or less. But who created this reality?
Each individual is the creator of his or her reality (inside AND outside). And the fundamental mistake is not to see yourself as the creator anymore. That's what we forgot And you create by intention, by love for a goal. If you don't have one yet then you sit down because you want it that way.

YOU are the cause. Point.

And you are still the creator of your reality. You can't be anything else. But now you are creating compulsively, unconsciously, not according to your wishes.

When a being can shape its reality according to its ideas / considerations / intentions and it decides that it no longer wants to have / experience part of it, it exposes it to the outside as not-me. As a result, however, it loses its ability to influence this part and to shape it.

If it is then also of the opinion that this outer part exists objectively, i.e. independently of it, the trap is perfect.

The song of the manipulators is always "You cannot create", buy our products.

The remedy can only be to reintegrate these "bad / bad / undesirable" parts (the "shadow" according to C.G.Jung). They are me too, my creation. Then one becomes whole again in an un-whole world.

With self-chosen suitable ideas "you don't fool yourself", your head is not full of illusions etc. but only exercises your own original creative power. However, it is usually a bit rusty and difficult to access. But it doesn't matter if you want it to be gentle and persistent.

Suddenly the obstacles that have kept you small up to now appear. Suddenly you realize that you are actually very committed. (Can't really DO). Now it is important to make this bondage conscious and to accept it as part of the previous illusionary nature. That means to recognize, yes I am too, this is also MY creation. I wanted this trouble. There is no external cause, but these difficulties are only projections of my limiting ideas that I experience outside, in the world, because I did not want them.

But now that I have recognized this, see myself as the causer, can accept and love me as I am, I also recognize that this is precisely why I can dissolve it as its causer then decide not to want her anymore.

This is easy to read, but can often be a laborious process with little effect at first. But when you have recognized - I really realized mine - that there is nothing more important to do, then one also has the gentle and persistent strength to do it.

The ego and the world (one's own reality) that creates it is an illusion, a dream world. Not wanting to admit this own reality or parts of it (ego) only strengthens the identification with it. If one is in conflict with oneself (conflict of postulate against postulate, intention against intention, conviction against conviction) then one cannot shape the dream as one would like, one cannot possibly even escape from it, as the gnosis promises (statics) .....))

I can only say (as someone else put it): I know that I don't know anything.

((I also know that I don't know anything. But that doesn't bother me very much.
That doesn't stop me from working with my guesses. After all, we have nothing else.

There are only two possibilities: Either this whole game of life that we are playing is completely pointless. Well then it doesn't hurt to see some point in it. In any case, this leads to a more meaningful and therefore happier life.
Or there is a purpose and we are the gods who have forgotten who they are. Then it would be a shame if you didn't try to get out of this forgetting game again, wouldn't it?))

Do you know that?
Does it drive you crazy or does it give you peace?

((I think it's nice to push boundaries, to explore new possibilities. Sometimes it can be depressing when you're stuck, but what would the alternative be: the hunt for temporary joys or a mundane life and fear of its end.))

By the way, what do you know about the Lectorium Rosicrucianum?

((I was a student there many years ago. At that time I couldn't make friends with her pessimistic view of this world. At that time, the world was still "good" in my eyes, even if it was flawed. Today I see it differently. But it would be today hardly join any association. I don't know what the LC is today. But I like the idea behind the Gnosis. Maybe I'll write a detailed article about it one day.))

I would be happy to hear from you.
Sincerely, NN